Tangy Tuesday Picks – 18th April 2017

Hello bloggers! Hope you have had a restful long weekend. As always we are back with picks of the week from bloggers across India. Check out our curated list of tangy posts and break your mid-week monotony.

Who: Maniparna
What: Teeny Weeny Surprises of Mother Nature
Tangy: When was the last time you paused from your daily routine and appreciated little joys of life? Like the roadside bushes that have bloomed or the beautiful formation of clouds in the sky. Read Maniparna’s post to know why you must indulge in small surprises of nature.

Who:  Balaka
What: Illusory Wife
Tangy: A beautiful story of relationships told by Balaka of Madhavi, a middle-aged woman and her maternal uncle- her only living relative in the country. How she went against odds to meet him every week, leaving judgements and disapprovals of her family behind.

Who: Surabhi
 Why safe workplace for women is a myth
Tangy: Surabhi talks about unsafe workplaces in the time of feminism. Are we really marching towards an equal world, she asks. Where women are not objectified nor advised to brush incidents under the carpet. Read on to know more.

Who: Amit Misra 
What: Do Surnames carry signatures of migration
Tangy: Surnames tell a lot about a person. Especially in India, it is imperative to know where a person hails from, what he eats and how he speaks. Often surnames reveal more than what is necessary. Read Amit’s post to find out how some surnames originated.

Who: Danny Simon 
What: A faithful father
Tangy: A story of a faithful father who promised to be there for his son always and didn’t let him down in a trying time. Danny concludes the post with two things that he thinks are crucial in parenting- priority and sacrifice.

Who: R’s mom
What: Of Being a Proud Mother
Tangy: Daughters and their beautiful tresses are a matter of pride and endearment for many. However, what does one do when the daughter wishes to chop off her hair? Especially for a good cause. Read on to know R’s mom’s dilemma and how they put an end to it.

Who: Christopher D’Souza
What: Hills Beckon
Tangy:  Summers are the perfect time to visit the hills and get refreshed. Christopher’s poem gives us all the more reason to do so. As he rightly says, when the hills beckon, magic happens.

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