Spicy Saturday Picks- 15th April 2017

Hello bloggers! Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. It is Saturday which meanspicy saturday blogs indias it is time for our Spicy Saturday Picks. From a mouthwatering recipe to meaningful birthday celebration, this edition has it all. So enjoy your day with our curated list from our very own Indian bloggers.

Who:  Irfan Uddin 
What: Forgetting: Not always a bad thing
Spicy: Forgetfulness is a not a trait to be proud of. However, Irfan Uddin’s post will make you rethink about it. Sometimes forgetting bitter memories and experiences from the past is the only way forward.

Who: Sapna
What: No one will refuse my dad water again
Spicy: An experience that leaves you shattered but still becomes the defining moment of your life. Sapna tells us about her candid conversation with a cadet N that gave her a glimpse of the harsh reality that caste system in India is made of.

Who: Vandana Mathur
What: Pickles
Spicy: Pickles are an integral part of the regular Indian diet. And what better time to talk about pickles than summers. Don’t we all have happy summer vacation memories linked to pickles? Read Vandana’s recipe of mouthwatering  sweet lemon pickles.

Who: Ramya Abhinand 
What: Dad’s Watch
Spicy:  Losing a loved one is hard enough. Having to let go of his personal belongings is heartbreaking. Ramya writes about the flood of emotions she felt when she rummaged through her father’s belongings, letting go of some and cherishing some.

Who: Purushu Arie
What: How I ended up correcting the job interviewer
Spicy: India’s prominent men’s fashion blogger Purushu Arie’s responds to the recruitment  team of a top company. An interview that went awry and left him shocked due to the ignorance of the interviewer. Read on to know more.

Who: Shilpa Singh
What: A day in Chandni Chowk
Spicy: You can take a Delhiite out of Chandni Chowk but you can’t take Chandni Chowk out of a Delhiite. Shilpa walks you through the one place that every person visiting Delhi swears by. Right from street food to shopping, Chandni Chowk has it all.

Who: Roshan R
What: The 6 year old who traded her birthday
Spicy: How does a 6 year old celebrate her birthday? With lots of gifts, of course! Armani Crews from Chicago also spent her birthday with gifts but not for herself. These gifts were meals and care packages for 125 homeless people. What a noble gesture indeed! Read on to know more.

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  1. Thank you so much blogadda team, for featuring me here…
    its after a long time and entire fault is mine as I was not at all into blogging.
    Anyway, now I am back and and getting this motivation from blogadda is so inspiring for me in my second inning of blogging.
    Thanks again….

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