Spicy Saturday Picks- 25th March 2017

Hello bloggers,
Hope your weekend has begun in the most terrific way possible! And to make it evenspicy saturday blogs india better, here is a round up of terrific reads from the blog world this week.

Who: Nandhini Chandrashekar
What: 20 brilliant questions my 3 year old asks me
Spicy: Some are oddly strange, some downright hilarious and some are so logical that they will put an adult to shame. Makes you wonder why you never thought of these things when a 3 year old could.

Who: Lee Nolan
What: A Canadian, an Englishman and an Indian walk into a bar
Spicy: A Canadian, born to English parents now residing in India, this post will have you in splits. His keen sense of observation of the differences between the three cultures and the way he puts it, make it a really good read.

Who: Kala Ravi
What: Your friendly neighborhood GP
Spicy: If you’ve grown up in India, you know this person. The friendly neighbourhood general practitioner also known as ‘family doctor’ used to be an indispensible part of our life in sickness and in health. Kala’s post will surely remind you of the GP from your childhood.

Who: Shinjini
What: Kashmir Diaries: Naranag: Where nature and history meet
Spicy: The ancient Shiva temple, the hiking trail and the mystical river flowing alongside. Read Shinjini’s post about her day trip to this beautiful place set in the heart of Kashmir.

Who: Incognito River
What: Failed housewife
Spicy: She quit her job for a bigger dream- that of being a housewife. Sounds surreal? Read her first hand account of the way housewives are stigmatised and even looked down upon. Why should a housewife always be in a defensive mode or sacrificial avatar? Read on to know more.

Who: Hemu Saini
What: Chausar: Life is like a game of dice
Spicy: Just like each day of our life is different, so is every move in the game of dice. Just as life throws surprises- good or bad- and leaves you to deal with them, so does the game of dice.

Who: Meha Sharma
What: 5 takeaways from Professor Kelly and the interview that went viral
Spicy: If you’ve not seen the Robert Kelly’s BBC interview which his children crashed, do it NOW. And then head over to Meha’s post where she talks about parenting, work-life balance and why somethings just can’t be debated over.

Who: Surbhi Prapanna
What: An open response to a working mom from a SAHM
Spicy: We have all heard of Mommy wars, especially the ones between stay at home and working mothers. Surbhi’s writes about her response to a working mother who judged her choice of being a SAHM.

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