Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 21, 2017

Happy Tuesday to our dear bloggers. We got some really good submissions for Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. It was a tough task to pick only few. However, we really loved reading all the entries that came in. Here is a list of thought provoking posts curated just for you!

Who: Amit Misra
What: Modern and Traditional Art
Tangy: Those of us who do not have an artistic inclination always wonder what various nuances of art forms really mean. Read this beautifully explained post by Amit where he points out subtle differences between modern and traditional art. You will feel less perplexed next time you are appreciating art.

Who: Ajay Pai
What: How is father’s love any lesser?
Tangy: When it comes to parental love, mothers are worshipped. Their love is put on a pedestal and praised for its selflessness. In his post Ajay questions why is a father’s love for his child deemed any lesser? Is it not just as selfless and unconditional?

Who: Shwetabh Mathur
What: Heroes lost in sands of time
Tangy: One day you are doing your duty towards your country and the other day you are behind bars. That is the story of prisoners of war (POW). Shwetabh succinctly the melancholic state of affairs when a soldier is captured by the enemy.

Who: Durga Prasad Dash
What: Tabebuias- Living life in its totality
Tangy: Spring has its own beautiful way of announcing its arrival. When trees sprout leaves and buds bloom into flowers,nature’s ways of enthralling us are incredible. Durga Prasad describes one such plant which he relates to – the tabebuias

Who: Dhiren Navani
What: Talaab, a poetry
Tangy: An introspective post where he compares his introvert self to a pond. He is not an exuberant river that flows along. He is a self sustainable pond that sometimes yearns to be like the river but is happy being himself too.

Who: Anshul Kumar Akhoury
What: Kila Raipur Olympics
Tangy: We spend countless hours glued to the television when our favourite sport is being aired. The highs and lows of a well-played game, the adrenalin rush and finally the climatic victory. How about witnessing this first-hand, in a rural setting? Read as Anshul takes you through the annual sports festival in Punjab’s old village Raipur.

Who: Paresh Godhwani
What: Three triple centuries I witnessed
Tangy: Talking about sports and games, leaving out cricket in an obsessed country like ours is blasphemy. Paresh describes in detail the three triple centuries he witnessed and how each of them were unique.

Who: Cifar Shayar
What: Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
Tangy: What do elections teach us? When a populous democratic country like goes to the ballot, there is more to observe and learn than only statistics. Read Cifar’s post on lessons we must take away from the voting trends and elections.

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