Spicy Saturday Picks- March 18, 2017

Weekend is here! As you take time out to unwind, here are Spicy Saturday Picks for you to read. We had a long list of submissions and it was a difficult task to sort and pick out only a few.  spicy saturday blogs india

Here is the list of good reads from this week, curated specially for you.

Who: Swetha
What: Two by Two, a book review
Spicy: If you are thinking of picking a book, read Swetha review of author Nichola’s Sparks book Two by Two. A story of a family, the love they share and the challenges it brings. She ends her post with a lovely note of what she learnt about writing for her blog from the book.

Who: Fiona
What: City Unknown
Spicy: Read City Unknown, A beautifully penned poem about a girl who has landed in a city she is not acquainted with. What is on her mind, what are her worries? Read on Fiona’s blog.

Who: Rajlakshmi
What: My sister’s love for 5 kg urea
Spicy: Families give us so much fodder for thought, don’t they? Read Rajlakshmi’s humourous post on her sister’s hunt for 5 k.g. urea (!), what she plans to do with it and the much awaited results.

Who: Anjali Sharma
What: Being a pet owner and a pedestrian
Spicy: You start the day with a spring in your step, feel charged up for a morning walk and end up stepping into dog poop. Oh No! Who will you blame for the mess? The nonchalant dog owners or the canines? Anjali says it is best to blame ourselves. Find out why.

Who: Rittika
What: Colourful home decor
Spicy: What good is Holi if we don’t talk about colours. Ritika tells us how to bring colours to your home decor. You can do up a bathroom, living room or a kitchen by adding a bright coloured furnishings. Find out how.

Who: Preethi Venugopala
What: The dinner
Spicy: All you’ve been given is a photo and you have to weave a story around it. Preethi does a great job at it. Her short story talks about lost love, life decisions and destiny.

Who: K. R. Vidhya
What: Kadubu or Dubukku
Spicy: An Indian folklore of a little boy who pines for a sweet he has tasted before. He forgets the real name and pesters his mother to cook something she had not even heard of before. Hop on to her blog to know what happens next. Will the little boy get to eat the savoury dish?

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  1. Hi Shivam,
    Here is how you can submit your posts for Tangy Tuesday or Spicy Saturday. Go to http://www.blogadda.com. Click on “What’s Happening” tab. Scroll to “Tangy Tuesdays” and click. To the right you will see “Submit your post” button.
    Hope this helps

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