Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 14, 2017

Happy Holi and Dhuleti dear bloggers! After a restful long weekend, it is time to start the week with Tangy Tuesdays.

It looks like many of our bloggers are on a wanderlust. Is it the perfect season or is it the irresistible urge to travel that takes these people places? Let’s find out from this list of blog posts that will take us around the world…

Who: Arti

What: Happy Holi! Colors of Life

Tangy: Our blogger Arti was at The International Yoga Festival at Rishikesh. Watch the Holi celebrations there through her lenses as she played colours with friends and foreigners.

Who: Swathi Rishi

What: Siolim House in Goa

Tangy: If you’re looking for accommodation in Goa, what better place to stay than in a quaint old vintage house? Swathi tells us what makes the place a must-visit and a special mention to the throne! Find out what it really is 🙂

Who: Meera 

What: Postcard from Seattle

Tangy: A guest post on her blog by Abdul a travel blogger where he talks about Seattle. That the place has much more to it than being headquarters of giant tech companies. Let the pictures do the talking..

Who: Alok Singhal

What: The grandeur of the Grand Canyon

Tangy: Alok talks about his overwhelming experience of his visit to the Grand Canyon. Wondering at the awe of the majestic formations on Earth, spotting some wildlife and taking in the sunset- Alok’s travelogue is a good read for those who want to visit the place sometime.

Who: The giggler 

What: What to do? One day in Kathmandu

Tangy: If you’re in Nepal or planning to visit and you have one day in Kathmandu, how will you spend it? Of course by visiting top places and eating the right food. Read the Giggler’s account to know more.

Who: Antarik

What: The post office in Thimpu, Bhutan

Tangy: Did you know you can create your own valid postage stamp and send a letter using it too? Where, you ask? The general post office at Thimpu, Bhutan is a tourist destination not just for its magnificient structure but for this facility too. Read Antarik’s report on how he created a stamp with his own photo and used it.

Who: Vaisakhi

What: Women travel bloggers who have not quit

Tangy: Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it is hard to let go. Vaisakhi writes about the women travelers who have been traveling solo for a long time and have continued to do so.

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