Spicy Saturday Picks – March 11, 2017

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day this week, the blog world was full of speculation and discussion around it. We at Blogadda loved to read everyone’s views. spicy saturday blogs indiaIWD or not, we are convinced our bloggers do a great job in articulating their thoughts through blogging. Here are some posts we curated for this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

Who: Zephyr

What: Of Beauty, Barbie and Granny Hair

Spicy: Cybernag hits the nail on the hypocrisy that celebrating Women’s day brings out. Come 8th march and the whole world signs paens for womanhood and goes back to objectifying women the very next day. Her post gives a good low-down on how the beauty industry exploits the very essence of women and the natural beauty that comes from within.

Who: Sid Balachandran

What: Hey Dad, Can you walk the walk?

Spicy: Parenting as we all know is a tight rope walk. Children are quick to learn by example- right or wrong. In this world of misogyny and crimes against women, Sid, the author of this post worries about how his son will grow up to be. Read to find out what he wants to do about it.

Who: Varsh

What: Kyunki main main hoon

Spicy: A beautiful poem questioning the identity of a woman, trying to find herself. Asking us who is she really? Head over to her blog, it is sure to give you goosebumps.

Who: Dog with Blog

What: Happy Women’s Day

Spicy: Dog, the man’s best friend pays a lovely tribute to all women he has come across in his life. Read this lovely ode from a canine to half the population of the world.

Who: Priyanka Naik

What: V for VIBGYOR

Spicy: As a child she longed to see the rainbow and even dreamt of it sometimes. She played around with the idea of touching the rainbow too. What happens when she finally witnesses the seven colours forming an arch in the sky? Is life also like a rainbow in some ways? Read on to find out.

Who: Shaloo Walia

What: Warrior of light

Spicy: The author puts down her thoughts in the most poignant manner in this poem. She writes about how life throws challenges at you but how it also helps you pick yourself up again. It teaches you to rise and shine again.

Who: Shilpa

What: You are man

Spicy: We all heard of the controversy surrounding Karan-Kangana fallout. Shilpa, the author lauds Kangana for her audacity to speak up – something that doesn’t do down too well in patriarchal Bollywood system. Read on to know what happened when the author faced a similar situation and stood up for what she strongly believed in.

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