Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 7, 2017

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaTwo months of the new year simply flew by us. Summers are fast approaching and the heat is soon going to be unbearable. But fret not! Stay cool with our Tangy Tuesday Picks. 🙂 The best and the latest posts from the blogosphere curated just for you.

  • Who: D Lonely Stoner
  • What: “Keeper of memories: Humayun’s Tomb”
  • Tangy: As she explores the Capital on one of her short jaunts, she writes about the Humayun’s Tomb. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a glamorous mausoleum situated in the heart of Delhi. Her post gives a vivid account of history interspersed with a more current narrative of the place. And of course, the pictures do great justice to the place.

  • Who: Dev
  • What: “Sethan Village In Himachal: A Place To Relax, Unwind And Just Be!”
  • Tangy: Longing to take a trip to the mountains? This small village in the Himalayas, Sethan can be a good break. The unprecedented routes laden in snow leading to a tiny village that houses the most accommodating and hospitable families- Dev’s pictures and commentary will take you on a journey right away.

  • Who: Sampada
  • What: “Goodbye.”
  • Tangy: After spending time with near and dear ones, it is time for a teary farewell. Families do that to you, don’t they? They hold you so close that you get used to the showering of affection. Letting go and bidding goodbyes becomes tougher. Read Sampada’s post as she wonders if things will ever be the same again.

  • Who: Kavita Panyam
  • What: “The Third Person Who Unknowingly Steadies a Doomed Relationship”
  • Tangy: Marriage, like any other relationship has its share of trials. People in a marriage may fall out of love. Kavita’s post tells a story of a neglected partner, her pursuits and how life changed for good thereafter. Instead of playing the victim card and cry foul, it is better to move on and take things as they come.

  • Who: Ishita
  • What: “The Bitter Truth”
  • Tangy: The human mind is a labyrinth of emotions. And on the spectrum lies one special emotion called love. But is love only for other people and things in your life? Ishita reminds us that the most important form of love is love for self. Read her post to know how relationships can make or break the person you are.

  • Who: Amruta
  • What: “When I look back at my childhood….”
  • Tangy: “Koi lauta de mujhe mera bachpan” Truer words have not been spoken about childhood. And it is not without reason that those carefree years are known as golden years. Amruta reminisces the things that made her childhood happy and memorable.

  • Who: Rohan Kalia
  • Tangy: Rajat Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the most versatile actor the film and theatre industry is blessed with. Rohan Kalia lists five films starring Rajat Kapoor that you may possibly never have heard of. Go on and read it and add the movies to your must watch list.

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