Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 17, 2017

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaHope everyone had a happy Makar Sankranti, Bihu, Lohri and Pongal. Festivals are an excuse to mark new beginnings and make a fresh start to our lives. Let’s hope the new harvest is accompanied by new hopes and new dreams for the year ahead. And of course, presenting new posts from the Indian blogging world this week for Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who:  Kijaana
  • What: “Zaroorat / Need”
  • Tangy: Ever wondered why your needs are important? Humans have an inherent need to socialise. And when we do, we create long lasting bonds. These bonds give birth to newer needs and wants. This crisp poetry by Kijaaana tells you that it is natural to have needs.

  • Who:  Tes
  • What: “Caught in Heavy Snowfall, Shimla 2017”
  • Tangy: It is mid-January and yet the winter chill doesn’t seem to want to leave. Even in a city like Mumbai! Winter has decided to show us what it is made of. And to add to it, Tes’s account of getting stuck in the Shimla snow gave us the chills.

  • WhoTulika Singh
  • What“Wet Towels and Crazy Mornings #momdialogues”
  • Tangy: The debate between two mothers on what is important- Disciplining or Letting Go. Parenting is not about screaming at the kids for their mess and picking up after them. It is about the right time and the right way to inculcate habits. Keep your cool, remember the good times and enjoy the moment.

  • WhoAnindya Basu
  • What: “Gangasagar transit camp kolkata pictures and my experience”
  • Tangy: “It is not what it used to be” Have you heard this often from someone who reminisces a favourite place that was visited years ago? Anindya recollects his memories of going to the Gangasagar transit camp as a novice photographer a few years back. And ends his post on a wistful note about how the place which was once paradise has now become commercialised and crowded.

  • WhoJai Arjun Singh
  • What“Everyman, comedian, sutradhaar: a tribute to Om Puri”
  • Tangy:  At the start of the New Year, the film industry and fans came to terms with the sudden loss of a legend, Om Puri. Jai Arjun of Jabberwock writes a lovely tribute to the veteran actor. He recalls with great fondness the passion and ease Puri exhibited in the diverse roles he played.

  • WhoDhiren
  • What:  “Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary”
  • Tangy:  Winter is a perfect time to go bird watching and Dhiren here, did just that. A two day trip to Khijadiya bird sanctuary near Jamnagar to end the year with sounds like a great plan. Read on for the pictures of birds he spotted. There are cranes, godwits, green-bee eater and of course lots of flamingos.

  • Who: Anu Ranganathan
  • What“Menu for Life”
  • Tangy:  Anu writes about her dine-out to a fancy pizza place on her birthday. She observed and was intrigued by a stoic lady who was employed as a cleaner at the pizza joint. Read on to know the story of faith, determination and destiny. A good reminder of the fact that life may give you the worst but it is up to you to show your mettle and rise above it.

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