Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 3, 2017

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning folks! The entire team of BlogAdda wishes you all a very Happy New Year. As the new start has dawned upon us, let’s begin this year with some great and amazing weekday stories and inspirational thoughts. Let’s take a look at these first seven tangy picks of this year. If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Kanika Sharma
  • What: “Boss v/s Leader”
  • Tangy:  The essence of leadership lies in motivating the people around. The lesser the encouragement, double is the negative impact. Every employee deserves words of encouragement and that only a leader can do. The bossiness results to retaliation or lack of trust. Kanika, in her blog shares her personal experience which differentiates between being a leader or a boss!

  • WhoAnuradha Sridharan
  • What: “Focus, The Scarcest Resource”
  • Tangy: When was the last time you sat with a peaceful mind? When you didn’t worry about your daily chores and just sat and admired the beauty of the nature. As time passes by, so do our habits that inflicts the focus in us. Anuradha, in her blog shares her focus remedy story take a look!

  • WhoSrinivasan G
  • What“What is New Here?”
  • Tangy: Everything in this world that exists is the outcome of your thoughts. You think and you create. Srinivasan, in his blog writes about thoughts and the existence of things in our lives and around us. Think positive and you will emit good vibes is the whole idea behind it. Read this food for thought article!

  • WhoVikram Pratap
  • What: “Theory Of Evolution Of Human Being!”
  • Tangy: Since long there have been various theories on humans evolution. What exactly is an evolved being? Vikram, in his blog highlights few important things. They not only define the evolution but also a difference between a human and an animal. We are same in many contexts but differ as well, take a look!

  • WhoAlok Simha
  • What“When The President Passed By”
  • Tangy:  The game of politics and its affect on humanity has been a raging story since decades. Alok, in his blog shares the perfect scenario, when a highly official visits your city. Things turn upside down, and suddenly lot of aspirations start blooming in your mind. Well, is it going to last? Or its just the matter for sometime. Read and you can completely relate to this!

  • WhoKavita Panyam
  • What:  “Apologizing Is An Art”
  • Tangy:  Life shouldn’t be lived with regrets. No one is perfect and mistakes are our part of life. There are times when we can hurt someone with our actions. The best way out is to apologize for it. It’s no good to bind ourselves in the shackles of hesitation and worry. Kavita, in her blog throws light upon apologizing!

  • Who: Sangita Venkatraman
  • What“Dresscode”
  • Tangy:  We live in a society that talks about evolution and change. But, still we are judged on the choice of clothes we wear. The change in the mindset contradicts with the fact, that still places have uniforms to be worn. Sangita, in her blog questions about the same. Do you really believe in dresscode?

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