Spicy Saturday Picks – December 31, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning amigos! Last day, last minutes, last seconds of this year. Aren’t you excited to step into the new year? Well, we all are way too much and hope the same for you all. We leave no stone unturned, and for that purpose we bring to you our last seven best spicy picks of this year. Read interesting stories and beautiful poems before you say goodbye to this year. Make every minute count and dive into the world of words. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Ekta Khetan
  • What: “Beware The Pity”
  • Spicy: Life rewards you with flying colours or often teaches you deepest of lessons through tribulations. Pain is inevitable, to ward off the scars, it’s always better to wear them with confidence. There’s no point to crib about the same. Ekta, in her blog shares her thoughts on the same. Take a look!

  • WhoShamsud Ahmed
  • What: “Half Way!
  • Spicy: Before anyone else takes the driver’s seat in your life’s journey, you need to understand that you are your own master. For, like a coin has two flip sides, you need to chose your favourable side. You must have reached the half way to your destination. Is it in your favour? Or you still need to make right all the conjectures of it? Shamsud, writes an amazing piece about it!

  • WhoSudeshna Mukhopadhyay
  • What“I Am The Girl, I Dare You Can Let Your Daughter Be.
  • Spicy: Gone are those when woman was tagged to be married when she reached the age of 18. With the evolution in world’s system, the woman today knows to stand for her rights. And can rightly claim for what’s wrong. She is a human too, and not just a machine to be operated by societal norms. A great thought by Sudeshna in her blog, that speaks a lot about the woman of today!

  • Who: Tanisha Tyagi
  • What“Mice And Women: They Do Get Second Chances.”
  • Spicy: Like humans, the creatures God created have emotions too. They can’t speak but can express through actions and sounds. Tanisha, in her blog writes a story on a mice that will make you think about incidents of your own life. Read and enjoy this piece, this will definitely touch your heart!

  • WhoSaurish Hegde
  • What“Under Attack”
  • Spicy: Sometimes actions of others, makes you pay the price. Tragedies either teach you or take an ugly turn. Saurish, in his blog shares a gripping story that talks about responsibilities that sway between humanity and duty. Take a look!

  • WhoDisha Khemchandani
  • WhatTo The Girl Who Hides Behind ‘I Am Okay’ 
  • Spicy:   It’s always better to fight out your battles and not hide behind the protective layer. The turmoils will increase if not dwindled. It’s okay to be yourself and not wear a facade for the society. Disha, in her blog shares a strong message for all the ladies out there!

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