Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 20, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning pretty people! The countdown to new year has begun, are you excited? Well, we at BlogAdda sure are, as we look forward to many aspirations to be fulfilled in 2017. While, you are all busy making plans for new year bash, alongside read some interesting articles by our enthusiastic bloggers. So, get ready for a good wordaholic ride and enlighten your day. If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Mukulika Basu
  • What: “Female Friendship In Indian Cinema”
  • Tangy: We’ve cast our eyes over movies that depict friendship between males. The saga of friendship in boys have been predominant in the world of movies. If asked to name we’ll have many watch on our fingertips, isn’t it? But, how many movies have displayed that emotional support and tale of friendship between girls? There will be hardly any. Mukulika, in her blog ponders upon the same thought and highlights friendship between girls to be more than fashion and gossiping!

  • Who: Sophia
  • What: “The Feels Too Much Tribe In A Just Chill World.”
  • Tangy: Are you someone who feels deeply every emotion? Be it within you or around you? Something that pours the urge in you to do everything any anything to make someone feel better? Well, then you fall in the list of empaths, and you are gifted with the ability to connect with every string in the nature. There lies pros and cons to such kinds, Sophia in her blog shares her thoughts on the same!

  • Who: Jeba Jeniga
  • What“Vardah? Vardah? Vanthuchaeeee!”
  • Tangy: The Southern part of India faced a huge calamity that created lot of disturbance. We often crib about the mishaps forgetting that sometimes disasters also leave you with life’s important lessons. Jeba, in her blog shares her experience with Vardah cyclone. She also jots down some the crucial learning that this cyclone taught her. Take a look!

  • WhoCifar Shayar
  • What: “The Lady From The South”
  • Tangy: India recently grieved on the loss of India’s known minister, Jayalalithaa. The power she had behold and the way she made way to heart’s of many can’t be denied. Her work and dedication towards the masses cannot be forgotten. It takes great deal of courage for a woman to stand strong in this unjustified world. Cifar, in his blog shares thoughts on this empress!

  • Who: Lee Nolan
  • What: “Rohtak – The Hidden Monster Parantha Sanctuary Of India.”
  • Tangy: Are you a travel bee? The one who likes to fill adventure diaries with road trips. Then this time fulfill your euphoria by riding on a bike to Rohtak. Lee, in his blog shares one of its kind experience of road trip. From the view, to places to eat, to the road journey all will fill your heart with excitement and great pleasure. So this winter vacation plan a road trip and let your bike roar a little!

  • Who: Meena Bhatnagar
  • What“Golden Words”
  • Tangy: Every human needs encouragement and support at some point of life. The people who endure you with such lessons and uplifting words. These are people whom you treasure in your heart for lifetime. Meena, in her blog pens down amazing quotes from the people who are the most integral essence in her life. We loved to read this blog post and are sure this will enthrall you to every bit. Read and bag in some inspiration!

  • Who: Indrani Ghose
  • What“Faces Of India – 296”
  • Tangy:  In life’s race we often run behind things that are pompous. Things that seem larger than life, seem to excite us more. In this shift we forget that there are small little things capable of giving immense joy. Indrani, in her blog shares real confrontation with a woman who is happy with small joys of life. Take a look and think again!

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  1. Loved Meena Bhatnagar’s Golden words(Simple words leave us enchanted), Lee Nolan’s Rohtak trip(I’m a bit partial for road trips and travels) and Mukulika Basu’s Female friendship in Indian cinema the most(absolutely true! Cinema needs to show better friendships between women! There are too many good stories out there)…

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