Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 6, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello adorable people, isn’t it amazing to feed our minds with beautiful writings and thoughts. Writing is the connection between words and readers. We at BlogAdda love to celebrate magic of words and are always anticipating for intriguing stories and thoughts. This week we bring to you seven best tangy picks from the world of proud Indian bloggers. Read about Indian marriages, leadership qualities and much more, that will again give you a chance to commemorate the art of words! If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Bhanu
  • What: “Things They Don’t Tell About Marriages (India)”
  • Tangy: Marriage is union of not just two people but two families. The preparations, anticipations and celebrations mark the beginning of new journey. But, this is not just what marriage holds. It’s a lot after that, your life transmutes completely. Often, we forget to give mention as to how the boy’s life flutters between his mother and wife and how the girl accepts new lifestyle. It’s all about acceptance, giving, forgiving, loving and embracing it with grace. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see everyone happy in a family?

  • Who: Divinity
  • What: “When Your World Moves Out Into The World”
  • Tangy: Let go of what others construe about you. We often dive too deep into the definition drawn by others. Why do we forget that we are our own best critique? We read and listen to so many motivational thoughts and stories, but how much do we conspire? It’s high time you don’t make an ordeal of what the world thinks about you. Let your inner beauty and courage defeat the world that brings you down!

  • Who: Merlin Thomas
  • What“For Dad
  • Tangy: Fathers are central to the emotional well-being of their children. They are flawless caretakers and the biggest support system. For a girl, her father is the only man she relies upon with full trust in her entire life. The man who encourages her in every walk of life, to the man who walks her down the aisle. Such is the role of a father, astoundingly beautiful!

  • Who: Prateek Jaiswal
  • What: “The Chutzpah of Media’s Sycophancy”
  • Tangy: News and media are the two biggest platform that caters the audience with latest happenings. The viewers often fall prey to false information and contemplate the same. Why can’t media throw light to actual setbacks and not just deliver what the people want to hear. Prateek, in his blog writes on the top most rival story of two nations India and Pakistan and urges the media to wipe away old wrong practices of news channeling!

  • Who: Anirudh Rao
  • What: “Leadership”
  • Tangy: An organisation is built on the basis of planning, execution, policy-making and vision to achieve its set standards. All this can only be acquired with proper leadership and guidance. This quality surpasses all the tribulations and lets the organisation flourish even more. Anirudh, in his blog pens down his thoughts upon this beguiling quality that is a must in every association!

  • Who: Akshata Ram
  • What“Same Situation – If It’s A Man This Is A Sacrifice, If It’s A Woman, She Is Selfish”
  • Tangy: The world today talks a lot about gender equality. But, when it comes to taking up responsibility and shaping future, the man often is empathized and the woman gets a tag of carefree. Why is it alright for a man to stay away from his family and earn, while on the other hand it is something not acceptable if a woman does the same? This question has always remained unanswered that wears a facade of equality, but fails to practice the same!

  • Who: Nitika Garg
  • What“From Ideation To Implementation”
  • Tangy:  Are you still pondering upon your dream? You need to understand that your dream empire will turn into reality, when you effectuate your thoughts and dedication for it. Continue to dream and let yourself be consumed for good. Don’t let the hassles trigger the state of dilemma. Don’t let your galaxy of dreams cease and let growth be persistent!

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