Spicy Saturday Picks – December 3, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

We have snuggled the month of December closely in our hearts and minds. Since, this is the last month of this year, that is about to bid adieu soon. With all the anticipation and blooming aspirations to welcome the new year, also make this month full of inspirational reads to keep yourself rejuvenated. We bring to you seven spicy picks of the week to pep up this week a little more. Read some inspirational posts, travel stories, motivating thoughts to make your weekend worth a read. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: R and R
  • What: “Tadka Travels: Magical, Mystical Benares”
  • Spicy: This winter witness the beauty of Benaras, a place that displays vivid hues. Enjoy by the river Ganges, moth whiffing delicacies and places that depict its culture and tradition. Benaras truly emanates the Indian tradition that it imbibes with. Visit this magnificent place and get dissolved in it completely. This city will leave you spellbound and that is for sure!

  • Who: Maliny Mohan
  • What: “An Excerpt And A List
  • Spicy: If writing is your niche then it comes with a set of responsibilities that should be taken care of. Writer always hopes to entwine something magical and overwhelming. The power of words is well defined when it settles in your mind thoroughly and gets under your skin. Maliny, in her blog lays down few significant points to keep in mind when you pen down!

  • Who: Ajay Kontham
  • What“Blogging Goals 2017
  • Spicy: As the year is about to wrap up soon, there are resolutions that we decide to embark upon in the coming year. We resolute to try something new that will help you nurture or we wish to set aside the cons that lead us to dearth. Ajay, in his blog shares his writing goals that he will pursue in the coming year to polish his writing goals. What are your new year resolutions?

  • Who: Shuchita
  • What“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!”
  • Spicy: Pull up your socks and fill in your pockets, its that time of the year when festive joy is at its peak. All your worries fly away, the shopping list becomes more long, when you hear there is a sale calling at your nearest outlet. Yes, its absolutely that phase that repeats every year, when everyone is seen carrying shopping bags with immense pleasure on their faces!

  • Who: Romila
  • What“Habit is what keeps you going”
  • Spicy: Habits define your day to day routine. We are all born different, and habits act as barometer to the way we lead our lives. These habits that we inculcate can be good or bad, its a mixed proportion of the two. But, we can’t judge someone on the basis of these peculiarities. Breathing, reading, sleeping late hours, eating and much more all are habits that we perform without conscious intent!

  • Who: Vaidehi
  • What: “The Flying Man”
  • Spicy: People who love to read books often end up being best friends with it. We also connect the thread of our lives with the words woven by the writer. Few books that depict a simple story, yet leave you spellbound in an enormous way, such is the book “The Flying Man” reviewed by Vaidehi in her blog. She defines how beautiful it is to read about a man who lived a simple life in an extraordinary way!

  • Who: Shubhra Saraf
  • What: “Feminism – Are Women Abusing This Word?”
  • Spicy:  Feminism is not about letting the opposite gender down, but it rather focuses on equality. Despite this movement, that speaks about women’s rights and appreciates the potential of females. Often, we find few women who are just not utilizing their own capabilities. They are often found taking a back seat when it comes to proving their worth!

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