Acknowledge The Magic Of Cinema With SIFFCY Festival

Cinema has been an integral part in the world of entertainment. It has brought in prodigious impact on the paradigms of social and mental awareness since epoch. It is also very important that children and youth today imbibe a conscious perspective from cinema today. To nurture and cater the budding film makers, under privileged children to pursue career in film making and industrial professionals, SIFFCY (Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth) is organizing a huge platform for the same. BlogAdda is proud to be their blogging partner. Come and be a part of this huge festival and witness cinema’s extravaganza!


What is SIFFCY ?

It’s a seven day cinema fest devoted to a greater appreciation of meaningful cinema made for children and youth. It will be held to attract enthusiastic film makers, promote under privileged children in cinema making sphere and large audiences to witness this astounding event. More than 100 movies from over 50 countries will be screened, including feature films, short films, and documentaries at one and only SIFFCY 2016.

What’s in for you?

  • FilmMaking Workshop
  • Cinematography Workshop
  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Photography Workshop and much more.

Where: Siri Fort Auditorium

When: 5 – 11 December, 2016

For more details visit:




If you wish to attend this big celebration of cinema email us at

So, be ready to experience this colossal cinema festival by SIFFCY and cherish the world of cinema with intriguing movies. We look forward to have an enriching time!


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