WOW: “My First Job”

Remember the days when you lay in bed till late morning hours? When internet was your best friend at night and no weekend wait for parties. You take a big leap from all these chores and there is a whole lot of transition. Now there is 9-5 disciplined obligation and you have to finish assigned tasks. You brace up for all these things with a smile on your face. You realize that pocket money leisure days have gone and now it’s time for own hard earned money. Your first job decides your whole career sphere and bestows sense of achievement. You learn, deliver, anticipate, grow, handle criticism, make friends, have rivals, face competition but, still the significance of first job plays an eminent role in your life. Its like you have finally took the first step towards success!


This week’s WOW prompt is “My First Job”

We want you to share with us the contemplations your drew from your first job. The lessons learnt that you still endure in your life. That feeling when you sat for the first time at your own office desk. The moment that earned you a pat on your shoulder. Reminisce with us about your first adventure move in the world of competition. Write a blog post and thank the day when all your hard work during academic days turned into reality!

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