Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 15, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Hi everyone, it’s Tangy Tuesday Picks time at BlogAdda and we are here at your perusal. Let’s get started with this week’s seven best picks that will set aside the monotony. Read this beautiful and gripping stories, poems and thought provoking write ups and energize your mind.If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Animesh Ganguly
  • What: “Love Is Not Lukewarm”
  • Tangy: Love, an emotion so fervent that sees no barriers. Love is not just found in the merrier time but also in the darkest of hours. Out of all the emotions love is the strongest. Love challenges you in every walk of life. Love is not recognized  just on the day when sun shines. It also finds its essence even in the days of storm. ‘Cause eventually love is the only thing that helps you overcome all the tussles!

  • Who: Era
  • WhatDoes Your Child Top Your Priority List?
  • Tangy: Children are our heartbeat. Despite of promising ourselves to keep them on top of the priority list, often we forget to nurture them or appreciate them for their accomplishments. In this busy world and mundane life it’s really important to set all the materialism that keeps our time and mind occupied and relish the time with our apple of the eye!

  • Who: Balaka Basu
  • What“Bangalore Tourist Attractions In A Day
  • Tangy: Amidst the busy city life, Bangalore also has many places that you can wander and discover. If you ever get a chance to be in Bangalore then plan a day travel. Place hop and explore beautiful gardens and places of historical importance. What’s best? It’s a pocket friendly getaway and refreshes your mind, away from all the mundane city vibe!

  • WhoArun Babu
  • What: “A Letter To Zuckerberg”
  • Tangy: Social media platform is the biggest and widely used medium to express, learn and share. It is the most powerful communication tool in today’s world. In this digital age, Facebook, Twitter and many such social applications, serves news and the latest happenings at our perusal. We retweet, we share the already opinionated. What about our own voice, where one listens. Arun, talks about the word ‘listen’ that can bring a radical change on the social front!

  • Who: Amruta
  • What: “Finding Your Way Out”
  • Tangy: Life’s journey is full of happy and sad times. Often things get easily served or leaves the stone unturned. How we cope up with our miseries and smile for a better tomorrow is all up to us. There will be times when the storm will pull you down, but courage and determination to shine through bright days is all we need to live a meaningful life!

  • Who: Mindfiction
  • What“The Myth Of Time”
  • Tangy: Time is the measure of your life lived. We often think we have enough time, but it’s actually the other way round. Time waits for none, it flows with its own pace defining all the chores of life. How often do we value time? Mindfiction blog shares the importance of time and how it is the main ingredient in our life!

  • Who: Mahesh Ramani
  • What“The Butterfly And The Poet”
  • Tangy: A writer is the one who pens down the emotions in the form of words. With which he finds his own solace. He finds magic in the power of words and thoughts. How does he contemplates the desire to become a writer for his peace of mind, is enunciated in this beautiful rhyme. Take a look!

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