Spicy Saturday Picks- November 5, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAddaHi everyone, after all the festive fun and busy week, weekend has kissed us back again! After we wrapped up all the festive celebrations, it’s time we sit back and  take sips of hot tea and indulge in some nice weekend reads. Let the exhaustion of the entire week go away, as you get into the world of words, that will refresh your mind and kick start your day! So relax and read these seven best blog posts for this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks at Blogadda! If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Srikar Middhai
  • What: “The Council Of The Gods”
  • Spicy: Ever imagined, the supreme and the holy most powers ‘Gods’ discussing about the ongoing issues in India? A perfect parody woven, that depicts the present scenario of our country. When the God’s do the talking, then there’s no stop to laughing! A perfect satire to reflect the problems of today’s world!

  • Who: Sid Balachandran
  • What: “When His In-laws Showed Him The True Soul Of Diwali
  • Spicy: Diwali the festival of lights, that teaches us the value of good over evil, light over darkness and the feeling of oneness. Diwali celebrated with our families adds more bliss and takes the festive vibe to the whole new level. The true essence of this festival not just lies in the gleam of diyas and lanterns but also the happiness that overflows amidst all the family members, who celebrate this festival with true spirit!

  • WhoJafar Rehman
  • What: “Issue That Needs Attention
  • Spicy: Depression, is not just about feeling sad or going through a rough patch! It is that state of mind, where a person is affected both mentally and physically. Now, we as individuals how much do we understand this issue and strive to make someone feel better? It’s high time we stop the travesty regarding this issue, instead try to understand what actually depression is and make this place a better place for living.

  • WhoUshas Chattopadhyay
  • What“The Time For Love…”
  • Spicy: What if, emotions were characterized as humans? Out of all the emotions, love is the most compelling. As time can only define your age, so does it define the depth and value of love. There are two flip sides to a coin, same is with emotions! Where love flows in a soft subtle way, hatred too barges in our hearts! Which emotion we let take over, is in our hands. Let love be your guiding star, says Ushas in his blog!

  • Who: Sushma Harish
  • What: “Death Of A Sexist”
  • Spicy: A lot has changed when we talk about gender roles in today’s modern era. Earlier when a woman was expected to handle all the household chores, now handles the company’s affairs! Men who were the caretaker of finances, now take care of the baby back home. Society’s paradigm on the roles of men and women has evolved substantially over a period of time. To keep this change alive and understand the needs of discrimination free society, is what matters the most!

  • Who: Savita Shetty
  • What: “Complete Food??”
  • Spicy: In childhood, the most important element in our diet was milk. The only nutritious drink that consists of all the essential nutrients. With time, the quality of milk has been compromised to a lot of extent! It’s very important to keep a quality check on the products we intake. Why put your life at risk? How adulteration breeds in our society and rules over the quality of products, has been explained by Savita in her blog!

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