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Who hasn’t spent nights wrapped in Grandma’s arms listening to her stories till late. We all have wandered through the prettiest heavens, met bunnies and beasts, danced around with princes and princesses with our personal storyteller- Our Granny! This week BlogAdda got nostalgic and let grandma narrate a¬†brand new story. This week’s prompt was- “A Story My Grandma Told Me” and our twitter friends overwhelmed us¬†with their tales. While we got three concurrent tales, here’s the one that took us back to the good old innocent childhood days! If you missed it during our #AddaTales, here’s the full version stitched up especially for you!


A story my grandma told me that made me happy was about birthday parties on top of a magic tree. She told me-

“When I was your age, we cousins used to play in tree house during noon hours.¬†We children kept it a secret, by decorating the hole with bookshelves, one day we thought to go inside.¬†I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was dark inside, but we all were falling on something soft, snowy and cool.

As we reached down, a delicious aroma of baking was coming. Like my home ,when mom made her cakes. And we could see a small light.We were terrified but curious. We followed the baking smell and we saw a big giant girl baking. She wore a nice frilly apron and had cherubic face.The cake smelled delicious.

Raju couldn’t stop himself, he ran to the cake and jumped to eat¬†the¬†big¬†cake.¬†Raju landed right on the girl giant’s foot.¬†She had large feet.¬†The giantess looked shocked. We were frozen!¬†Our hands shivered and head pondered
She stood up, we all felt volcano vibes. She picked up Raju in her hand. We were frozen. She hung Raju upside down from the coat rack and looked around.She spotted us . She then looked at me, called us to come not hide. Singing happy birthday song, she had kind eyes.

She asked us how we came there. It was Giant land . I knew giants were magic .Good or bad.¬†Raju wasn’t crying, instead he was trying to munch on cake. When she looked at us, we gathered courage.¬†Even hanging from the coat rack he was eating cake! We were hungry too. I asked her, how do you know it is my birthday?

She laughed and flicked her magic wand that cast a white glow. In it I saw myself digging the garden soil for Maa. Our summer garden. I was helping. Then another picture flashed, Kirti was giving biscuits to the street kitten in it.
And then Raju . Raju was tearing flowers and uprooting baby plants. It didn’t look nice. Mom looked angry.¬†Kirti and Prena, you are good kids but¬†Raju is a naughty one.

You read about me in Fairy tale children book. Raju threw up the cake . He suddenly looked pale.¬†You didn’t ask for the cake!”said pretty giant. Bad!¬†The giant took Raju in her palm and said “See Raju, my child, you are a brave kid. You should help your mom. Why are you so naughty? Maa looks sad. Prerna and Kirti will get one birthday wish every year. But you, we will see.¬†Raju eyes shined, when he heard about one wish grant for each birthday
He promised that he will help mom too. But not this year.Raju only good kids can have magic wishes.

We¬†came forward, “Raju if you are really sorry, we will wish your wish in our wish. ” The giantess had tears in¬†her eyes.

“But children then Raju will never learn about karma. I will give a gift. “

We all smiled and Raju promised to giantess to help mom, eat green vegetables and not tease her. Giantess gave them a huge hamper.It had cakes, cookies and 3 little notebooks with Jaipuri prints & tassles. The notebook looked magical.

“If you¬†¬†write in it and called me I would come to them and play!” said the giantess. “
Grandma took out the faded pink Jaipuri print covered notebook from the wardrobe. She gave it to me and I asked her if they went back there ever?

“No¬†that tree house secret place disappeared one day. We never found it again. But all our birthday wishes came true every year.

“This is magical granny.¬†I will too help mom now. ” I exclaimed.

This notebook that I am giving you has a lot of pages left.Write one wish every year. And always be good.

I took¬†that magical notebook and wished for my granny’s good health.¬†I wore¬†the blue sweator she made for me.¬†Granny is no more but¬†the blue sweater and the pink notebook is still with me. Its my birthday today.

Wasn’t that completely magical and mystical? If this makes you miss your granny, give her a call right now! If she is looking upon your from heaven smile back at her! Do you want to meet the writers for this story? Here they are:

1. Amrita Basu (Misra)


2. Bloglove


Thank you for being a part of #AddaTales. People, don’t forget to weave your own stories on BlogAdda’s Twitter handle next time on #AddaTales!

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  1. Aww. This was so touching.
    You reminded me of my grand mother. Well I lost her way back. And now I started missing her ūüôĀ
    Well written.

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