Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 13, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaTuesdays always get the leftover blues of Mondays, and so most people we know need some cheering up. That’s what Tangy Tuesday Picks is here to do, with its collection of 7 curated blogposts that will make for really absorbing reads! Read and tell us your favourites, and if you wish to get a place here and be read by enthusiastic readers, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Krupa
  • What: “The Bride and the Bathroom”
  • Tangy: It is the opinion of most learned people that the choice of your life partner is what will define the amount of happiness in this life. Even after reading this gyaan, most people go for the looks, salary or property details of a person before getting married, rather than the kind of person they are. Krupa writes a story about a prospective groom in search of his life partner. Do you think it will have a happy ending?

  • WhoPreeti
  • What: “Analysis and Insights”
  • Tangy:  An average adult living in an Indian metro spends half his or her time in traffic jams. This is not the result of any research, but it certainly feels that way. Instead of complaining, cribbing and venting out on family members, how about we take care of the traffic problem ourselves? The number of vehicles in India is not going to go down anytime soon, but there are certain things we can start doing to reduce the traffic madness around us.

  • Who: Uma Srinivasan
  • What: “Suicide- A momentary madness”
  • Tangy: September 5-11 is observed as Suicide Prevention Week to highlight the growing epidemic of suicide and ways of preventing it. Most people can’t imagine ending their own life, while some others feel it’s a cowardly step to take. But beyond all these assumptions, it is important to think about the issues that suicide victims face that are grave enough for them to stop thinking about living.

  • Who: Faye Dcruz
  • What: “Convenient”
  • Tangy: Nowadays, love or any other close relationship looks less like a bond, and more of a game. You are expected to constantly up the stakes, demand what you think is your right and basically never let the other person take you for granted. When a relationship crosses a certain milestone, the special things start seeming less special, and everything that felt magical now looks mundane.

  • WhoPreethi Shanbag
  • What: “A monsoon day in Agumbe”
  • Tangy: Rainforest lovers need not pack their bags and leave for the Amazon immediately. We Indians are blessed with plenty of forests in our nation. They have the same lush greenery and offer the same respite from the chaos of the city. Preethi spent a day in Agumbe, and her account and the accompanying pictures will transport you to the verdant forests of India.

  • Who: Anand Kumar
  • What“Ad today, Sad Tomorrow”
  • Tangy: Ranveer Singh is our best friend. So is Amitabh Bachchan. Don’t believe us? Why else would they keep hanging out in our living rooms through their films, and the commercial breaks between those films? Every brand today wants a piece of the celebrity pie, and the general assumption is that the only way to make your brand stand out is by having a celebrity endorse it. Is it real wisdom, or just an easy way out?

  • Who: Radhika Mundra
  • What: “Marriage Can Wait, Education Cannot”
  • Tangy: In India, even today, girls are expected to take the least amount of education possible and get married while they’re still learning the ropes of life. As more and more girls take the path of education rather than an early marriage, Radhika explains why such independent women need to be the norm, and not outliers.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature, BA. I hope more people learn about it and make a difference.
    #GirlEducation #Equality
    Love the other posts as well. Quite a good collection! 🙂

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