Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 16, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Tuesday feels like Monday this week after that Independence Day weekend, right? Don’t worry, we’ll get you right in the groove for the rest of the week with this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. Take a stroll through the minds of some great bloggers as they share their thoughts about Independence Day, India and its varied citizens. If you wish to see your blog below and be read by the BlogAdda family, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Sweety Pateliya
  • What: “Does Freedom from British Raj make us an Independent Country?”
  • Tangy: Every year since 1947, we celebrate Indian Independence Day with growing pride and grand gestures. India has made gigantic strides in most fields since the time the British quit India for good. Freedom is a basic necessity, and it is painful for an Indian citizen to see this basic right misused by a few for their own vested interests. India might be an independent country, but we’re surely far from being free from all the ills that plague a nation.

  • Who: Debashri Banerjee
  • What: “Janani’s Pride”
  • Tangy: Most cultures relate pride and esteem to the body. This gives rise to problems like body shaming, rape victim blaming and other ills that are born from equating virtue to physicality. Every once in a while comes along a person who refuses to fit into this mould, and keeps their pride intact, safe from the prying and judgemental eyes of people.

  • WhoMayuri R Baruah
  • What: “A Mumbai Local Story”
  • Tangy: Mumbai locals are a living, breathing, ever changing beast. Like every beast, a Mumbai train (and its occupants) can be ruthless and cold, but this beast also shows that it has a beautiful heart. These trains are the most democratic places on the planet, letting everyone in and transporting them to their destinations. It is in such places that the difference between ‘outsider’ and ‘localite’ blurs into nothingness.

  • WhoAishwarya Raj
  • What: “Poetry: India”
  • Tangy: India is such a vast, pulsating and vibrant country that limiting the idea of it into words is nearly impossible. That hasn’t stopped people from talking about this nation in prose, poetry and pictures. Good for all of us, because the more ideas we have of our motherland, the better. Aishwarya writes one such poem about India, and does a pretty good job of catching the limitless.

  • WhoMeenakshi Somasundaram
  • What: “The Silent Splendour”
  • Tangy: Trees are thought of as standalone creations that have nothing to do with their surroundings. In reality, trees respond to their environment, and more often than not, influence the lives of those around them – birds, animals and humans included. Meenakshi talks about this in her blogpost. Read it and tell us if you feel differently about that neighbourhood tree.

  • Who: Vishvaraj Chauhan
  • What: “To Her Ravaging Memoirs”
  • Tangy: There are as many types of loves as there are people in the world. Everyone has different ways of falling and staying in love. There is also a stark contrast in the way love treats each of us, and sadly it is not always pleasant. Stories and legends say that all-consuming love is the best form of love, not realizing what being consumed costs the people who are affected.

  • WhoAmit Misra
  • What: “Head Held Low”
  • Tangy: Race and language are not the only things that define nationality. Habits also make up a lot of what we stand for, and this is not usually apparent till the time someone with a fresh perspective points it out to us. Similarly, this blogger finds that Indians walk as if they are looking for something on the ground. Why is that? Let’s find out!

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