Spicy Saturday Picks – July 16, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

TRING TRING! No this is not the usual cursed alarm ringing, it’s Mr. Saturday trying to reach you! Saturday is the blogspiring day, with no routine work coming in between you and your creative neurons. BlogAdda makes sure everybody is reading or writing, enlightening their little cosmic world. As bloggers add to the written cache in the creative world, we sort some of the best ones to fan the flames of your blogging passion.

  • Who: Surya
  • What: “Running away”
  • Spicy: Our mind battles between the Utopian world of expectations and the bitter realities of the actual world. Seldom do both meet halfway or make peace. Life is full of sour lemons, unsatisfactory experiences and betrayals from those who found a place in our heart. Often, what we run from stands in front of us right in the middle of our escape route. No matter how much we avoid fighting life, our unfulfilled dreams keep haunting us unless we let go of them. Is running away from the bitterness the only solution to seek solace?

  • Who: Sneha Mhatre
  • What: “Macau in half a day”
  • Spicy: Travel is not a hostage to time, as you can explore a place in whatever time you have, if you have the will. Happiness resides in the moment, irrespective of the ticking clock. Exciting company and an intent to explore the place can create conversations for a lifetime. If you happen to be in Macau, waiting between flights or for a day’s meeting, perhaps all you need is a half day! Here’s how you can explore the glitzy city in half a day.

  • Who: Uma C
  • What: “Things to watch out as you transition into a bigger platform”
  • Spicy: Change often comes as a big wave, the magnitude of which leaves you breathless. It picks us up from our comfort zone and storms our life with the ‘new’ and ‘strange’. No matter how cooperative the mind is in getting accustomed to things, change for the first few days pricks even the most adaptive of people. A mother finds herself and her son in the same boat, with subtle differences in the currents of the water they are rowing in. Yet, their struggle is the same and so is the destination – comfort.

  • Who: Sankara Subramanian C
  • What: “What Really are the Effects of Social Media on Travel?”
  • Spciy: There is no space today untouched by social media. One such area is travel, as nowadays talking about the places you’ve seen and helping other people explore those places is as important as travelling itself. While for many, endless posts and online conversations take away the essence of travel, social media is becoming a natural extension of travel for a growing tribe. For bloggers, sharing the adventure and making sure it stays on in people’s memories add to the overall beauty of travel blogging.

  • Who: Saru Singhal
  • What: “Middle Class Sofay Ki Kahani”
  • Spicy: Do you remember the majestic sofa, decorating your drawing room? Only the most important guests had the pleasure of sitting on the rexine covers and only the luckiest of the house had the liberty to clean it. The sofa announced the standard of living of each house and every family had a crowning ceremony for the new one to come! A subtle presence in every household, yet an entity reflecting a story of its own finds its place in this hilarious post.

  • Who: Jaibala Rao
  • What: “AISHA”
  • Spicy: Life is full of bittersweet surprises that sometimes turn your entire existence upside down. Similar to the graph of our heartbeats, it transitions in its peaks and trenches. When times go wrong and we fall off balance, family and friends come as our much needed anchors. But what happens when your near ones turn their backs on you? A simple act of betrayal by one friend can create a havoc in your life, leaving nothing but a carcass of your past that overwhelms your future.

  • What: “Mirror! Mirror! On The Wall…”
  • Spicy: Our routines are programmed in a way that keep us busy living each day one at a time. Working like machines, how often do we get time for self contemplation, looking at ourselves, appreciating our body for coming so far with us? As the numeric value of age keeps adding up, we pay little heed to what the mirror is whispering. Geetashree’s post made us question the familiar image, looking back at us everyday. Peek in a little more and find a bunch of new thoughts waiting for you.

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