Tangy Tuesday Picks- June 28, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

A writer is nature’s conscious dreamer. A writer has the power to pen down a¬†moment into strings of verses frozen forever. Writer or not, most¬†of us have a voracious reader in us, that keeps looking for material to replenish the spring of words inside. While writing is the channel to express an ‘infinity’ that lies within us, what we read often shapes¬†our perception of the world. BlogAdda makes sure reading finds its place in your day, handing over this collection of ¬†unique blogs worth reading¬†reads.¬†Pamper yourselves with these beautiful stories.¬†If you wish to send us your¬†entries to be featured, submit your posts¬†to BlogAdda¬†.¬†

  • Who: Aayesha Hakim
  • What: “Differently Abled”
  • Tangy:¬†The world at large spares little thought or space for the disabled population. As if dealing with lack of facilities is not a large enough issue, differently abled people also have to contend with weird or pitiful stares that come their way. All they need is a little normalcy in their lives. They would prefer it if you give them just as much attention as you usually pay strangers¬†instead¬†of uninvited glares and intriguing questions that reinforce the harsh reality of the world. It’s not their disability that makes them different, and it would do them a world of good to be seen as people with talents and wishes rather than people limited by their physicality.

  • Who: Sneha Sasikumar
  • Tangy: We meet many people in the journey of life and they become a part of our journey for a short period of time or forever.¬†You might expect people around you to be present¬†throughout, but ‘entries’ and ‘exits’ are going to be inevitable. While we invest so much in our relationships, the only person guaranteed to have the longest association with you is yourself. Pamper yourself, rejuvenate your soul and get into your own comfort zone – because you know yourself the best and deserve to feel good. Be your own best friend for you will never be alone as long as you love your own company.

  • Who:¬†Pearl.S
  • What: “How Can Yoga Help In Transforming Your Life ?”
  • Tangy: All sedentary work and no exercise is¬†making all of us vulnerable to a multitude of diseases, stress and depression. Many people find going to the gym cumbersome and give exercise a miss completely for¬†the same reason. As the world celebrated International Yoga Day last week, here’s a post that might inspire you to get up a little early, twist and turn those¬†muscles a little to save yourself from the silent torture your body keeps going through everyday.

  • Who: Shwetha H S
  • What:¬†Once Upon a Love”
  • Tangy:¬†A writer has an indigenous talent of describing the simplest¬†things in the most creative and appealing ways. They can see through the subtleties of things unnoticed by the common eye and weave them into beautiful prose and poems¬†that hook the readers. Here’s a beautiful write up that talks about one such phenomenon that we pay scant attention to after a point.¬†Can you connect with the author and tell us what she’s talking about?

  • Who: C. Suresh
  • What: “Letting go”
  • Tangy: Change is the only constant, yet it remains the most¬†difficult event to digest for most of us. We keep ourselves entangled in things until they¬†finally yank themselves apart from us leaving us all teary eyed, yearning for them to come back. Why is it that learning to let go takes so much time of our lives? Be it relationships, jobs or even a house – we hate to let go of the familiar, keeping us dependent on the known, fearing the unknown.

  • Who: Atul Jain
  • What: “What are you missing that Ultra Successful do?”
  • Tangy: Every person in the world is given 24 hours to fulfill their destiny, yet people differ wildly in the things they achieve and the places they go in life. What is it that makes those at the top of the success ladder different from the rest? Is it their destiny or some supernatural gift of thinking out the box?¬†Turns out, all the super successful people share certain traits that set them apart. Let’s learn about one of them.

  • Who: Subha Rajagopal
  • What: “Election Freebies”
  • Tangy: Politics and election strategy, like everything else, has evolved with time.¬†The concept of offering basic necessities of roti, kapda aur makaan¬†no longer work, as¬†political parties raise the freebie stakes to unprecedented heights. No wonder, the poor remain poor while the rich keep getting richer. This is making the political scenario in the country veer towards encouraging consumerism rather than voting for the best political option.

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