Tangy Tuesday Picks- June 21, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

As Earth celebrates Summer Solstice today, our nation is busy twisting and turning their bodies for Yoga Day. We hope you all are adopting healthy life practices too! For those who are still busy with their screens, BlogAdda makes sure that the longest day of the year passes by in split seconds with some crisp write-ups from around the country. Hop in for some amazing stories straight from the hearts of these amazing bloggers, making our Tuesday sunny and happy all over again.  If you wish to send us your entries to be featured, submit your posts to us.

  • Who: Sanhita Baruah
  • What: “Chasing Eternity”
  • Tangy: Love is an eternal feeling. Right from the day it blooms for the first time with butterflies in the stomach to the many firsts that follow, the whole journey of being in love is bliss. Yet, love has been losing its essence as we migrate into a world where time is the biggest scarcity.¬†Within no time, love flies away through the nearest window¬†and what is left behind is the skeleton of a¬†relationship with nothing to talk about. Between the silent stares and an expressionless existence, can Love keep its fire alive? Sanhita has a beautiful post that¬†talks about the reality of love.

  • Who: Nabanita Dhar
  • What:¬†“My Maths Teacher, Mrs Kapoor”
  • Tangy: School days will always be the sweetest memories that fill most of our childhoods with fun filled experiences that would never come back as we enter into the world of responsibilities.¬†Teachers have always been illuminating our paths as we hopped on the stepping stones, moving an inch closer to our personal successes. They are the torch bearers, illuminating our paths silently through ups and downs, carefully maneuvering us towards¬†our goals, yet being the selfless friend in need. Each one us has our own mentor, still teaching next generations in the same old familiar building, waiting for us to show up some day with a bag full of memories. On the same note, Nabanita talks about her favourite teacher, who has left a permanent mark on her childhood days and remains an unforgettable human who touched the course of her life at some point.

  • Who: Subha Rajagopal
  • What: “Infrastructure for Senior Citizens”
  • Tangy: The world of technology has been touching every sphere of our life, making things happen in a jiffy, without much human effort. Even then, the state of our elders remains the same.¬†India doesn’t have much to boast about when it comes to the security or comfort of our older generations. Be it impatient traffic jams with zebra crossings being almost extinct to the lack of availability of basic facilities for the elders at parks and public places, we have been taking our senior citizens way too much for granted.

  • Who: Shuchita
  • What:¬†Password decoded”
  • Tangy: Our present is trapped in the worldwide web era, where our whole day goes in navigating coded pages¬†for the smallest of chores. Technology literally reigns our lives as¬†everything is accessible within a few taps and clicks. Be it our bank accounts, social accounts, travel tickets, groceries or movie tickets, every sphere of our lives is right in our hands, guarded by a set of alphanumericals working magic with a single hit button. As the accounts keeping adding in, life gets confusing through¬†innumerable passwords that remain stacked somewhere in the back of our minds.

  • Who: Deepanjana Pal
  • What: “Review: Udta Punjab”
  • Tangy: Udta Punjab has been a name flying quite for a while in the air. With the movie being on everyone’s mind and NewsFeed, there has been a lot of curiosity about the story of drug addiction in Punjab. As expected, Udta Punjab has been successful in putting across the¬†dire scenario in the state of Punjab and has unmasked the condition of the drug addled youth. Here is an unbiased review that will tell you if the hype around the movie was warranted or not.

  • Who: Adite Banerjie
  • What: “Writing as a Journey of Selfhood”
  • Tangy: The modern woman has her own feminist battles, yet she has come a long way from how things were, all thanks to the courage of their older sisters, who have fought long and hard for equality. Through a stoic account of¬†Rassundari Devi who wrote Amar Jiban, the first published novel by an 88 year old Indian woman, Adite feels immense gratitude to have been born in times that identify women in the literary sphere. Inspired by the novelist, who went through innumerable hardships to learn reading and writing, one is left dumbstruck at the latent enthusiasm that has no boundaries.

  • Who: ¬†Aditi Mathur Kumar
  • What: “The Type Of Heartbreak‚Ķ”
  • Tangy: Relationships never come alone. They bring with them lethal attachments wrapped in emotions and unforgivable love. They are accompanied by pain and tears over things out¬†of our control,¬†chained within the unreasonable logic of the heart. Every relationship is formed from give and take, where the emotional investment comes with the right to break your heart. ¬†No matter how momentary¬†or long lasting love was, a broken heart takes the longest to heal. Aditi puts down her feelings on the nuances of the heart through her post.

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