Spicy Saturday Picks – May 14, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 The weekend is here and it is time to unwind. Explore the inner you. What is it saying? What does it want to be today? What does it want from life? Express these musings of a calm yet sincere mind and share a post with us and other bloggers. Send your posts here and connect with cool bloggers around

        • Who: Bhavya Nandakumar
        • What“Dealing With People Like Us”
        • Spicy: Being a woman is difficult, and a strong independent woman who is unattached to a man is seen as threat to the fabric of society. Single women and divorcees are treated as second class citizens even when they don’t fall under the ‘burden to the society’ category. Bhavya shares her experience and breaks her silence on a divorcee’s perceived place in the eyes of people.

        • WhoSreesha Divakaran
        • What“What I Learned From My Garden About Loss and New Beginnings”
        • Spicy: Nature has beautiful ways of being receptive to us. Gardening is a hobby where one gets a chance to be with plants and learn more about them and how elegantly they make us a part of them. It’s no rocket science, just a loving hand and some attention is needed. Sreesha talks about her learnings on life, loss and new beginnings from her home garden.

        • WhoAmrit Sinha
        • What: “I Sniff Your Presence”
        • Spicy: Pets make for such lovely company. They are always there for you and fill our homes with a child like joy. Their presence will make you want to forget every problem and teach you how to embrace and appreciate the good things that come for free. All they expect from us in return is love. Amrit narrates a poem that talks about a pet’s inner feelings.

        • Who: Alexandra Madhavan
        • Spicy: With the world becoming a smaller place every day, clashes between Western culture and Indian ‘sanskaar’ is inevitable. Both cultures are convinced that their way of life is better, and find the other quirky at best and shocking at worst. Alexandra, in her own way is the bridge between both these worlds and aptly juxtaposes these contrasting mannerisms together.

        • Who: Kishan Thakar
        • What: “From Heaven to havoc: Graveyard of INC”
        • Spicy: If a political party is in the news for wrong reasons, it is common for stories be made around that party. Indian National Congress (INC) has been in news for many reasons. One of India’s oldest political organization in India is facing tough times. Kishan in his post brings out the future possibilities in a conversation between the oldest members of INC.

        • WhoKannagi Desai
        • What“Understated In Love…”
        • Spicy: Love is blind and it is also heavier a verb than a noun. One needs to let it happen and at the same time take conscious efforts to make it work. Magic does happen to lovers for they believe in it. It is beautiful and reaffirms the fact that life is full of surprises and beliefs become a reality if you stop doubting the Universe’s logic and just go with the flow. 

        • WhoManish Purohit
        • What: Chronicles Of A Solitary Soul – Ubuntu, I Am Because You Are
        • Spicy: We seldom pay attention to the beauty of human connections. We don’t realize how beautifully our deeds reflect back to us and spread to a larger audience for a greater cause. It is all there in the Universe, it is only asking our receptivity. ‘Ubuntu Philosophy’ is one such philosophy that make you feel more connected to people around you. Manish talks about it in his post and it is just beautiful. 

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