Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 3, 2016

Tangy TuesdaysEvery Indian Blogger has a unique definition of blogging that evolves with experience. We want to know what your definition is, which is why we asked you to ‘Complete The Sentence on Twitter last week. Ankita Chauhan says ‘Blogging for me is to gather the specks of past and unfolding the dimensions of Tomorrow’. Head over to @blogadda to ‘Complete The Sentence’ today.  Which brings us to this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. Read on and  if you wish to submit your blog post for Tangy Tuesday Picks, click here.

  • WhoSuranga Date
  • What“Mothers , Fathers and Mothering…”
  • TangyMotherhood is not just about the 9 months of pregnancy and delivering a baby. It is more about nurturing your young one and letting them be the best version of themselves. This nurturing feeling can come from anyone, and become a source of endless inspiration for the receiver.  Read Suranga’s post to know what we’re talking about.

  • WhoAkshita Bhagia
  • What: “Phoenix”
  • Tangy:A relationship that sees too many good or bad experiences at once is likely to get confusing. One tends to experience a state of helplessness and loss that is very difficult to recover from. Akshita channels such feelings in a poem.

  • WhoVarina Rasquinha
  • What“Female subordination in print advertisements”
  • TangyObjectifying women is a very common phenomenon in the advertising industry. Showing women in subordinate positions overtly or covertly has been the de facto way of selling products till now. This practice only enforces the age old incorrect premise of a man being superior to a woman. Think it is not a big deal? Varina breaks down this trend seen in ads and shows what’s wrong with the current scenario.

  • Who: The Will To Act
  • TangyRemember 50-overs cricket matches? They used to evoke a sense of patriotism and eagerness. In the age of T-20 and one day matches, test matches continue to maintain their old world charm, which the newer generation fails to understand. This blogger gives a suggestion about the approach that must be followed to ensure test cricket gets its due attention.

  • Who: Vama Gandhi 
  • What: “इंडिस्क भाषी”
  • TangyLanguages play an important role in the way we form our belief systems and relate to our culture. That is why when we step on a land that speaks a different language, mixed feelings like curiosity, discovery and novelty mingle with each other in our mind. This creates some interesting situations, one of which this blogger shares with us.

  • Who: Anindya Basu 
  • What: “Khayam Chowk Srinagar – The Street food Gali”
  • TangyLocal food, especially street food is one of the biggest draws of any new place on our wishlist. It gives us a feeling of excitement and experimentation as opposed to tried and tested restaurants. One must know to look for those dishes at the corner of roads that will become a part of your memories whenever you think about the place. Anindya talks about the street food heaven he witnessed in Srinagar.

  • Who: Morphine
  • What: “A world of my dreams”
  • TangyAll of us have a definition of an ideal world where we can be the happiest version of ourselves. Every decision that we take is either to manifest that thought of perfection or is influenced by those thoughts. This blogger describes his world to us.

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