Spicy Saturday Picks – April 23, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Writing is a unique way to reflect on your persona and explore your passions. Take a step ahead to come forward, connect and share with the world of bloggers who will signify to your musings. Share with us and we will spread it around the blogosphere. Give us your posts here. 

        • Who:¬†Faye Dcruz
        • What:¬†“Unwritable”
        • Spicy: There are times when words are not enough, when what you feel for someone becomes too huge for words. Times when expressions on a piece of paper seem of less value. This can happen when someone becomes either too close or too distant from us. Faye muses about such ‘Unwritable’ ones.

        • Who:¬†Abhishek Joshi
        • What:¬†“RIP Shaktiman ‚Äē No Country for horses, hounds & humans?”
        • Spicy:¬†Shaktiman, the police horse that got injured during a political protest, tragically passed away recently, exposing the barbaric levels to which people fall for political gain. In a country where human life is close to losing its value, is animal rights too much to ask? Abhishek Joshi bemoans the loss of an innocent life and questions if the situation will change.

        • Who:¬†Hemant Arora
        • What:¬†“G ~ Game of Thrones Lessons”
        • Spicy:¬†Game of Thrones is an epic show whose strength lies in its memorable characters. Everyone has their favourite character on the show, even if it is highly ill-advised to get attached to any character with such a high kill rate. Hemant tells us the lessons and noteworthy things related to every character, so pay close attention.

        • Who:¬†Pranshu
        • What:¬†“Avoid Failure If You Want To Avoid Success”
        • Spicy: Failure and success are the two pillars that hold up the mystery of life. They both are the two wheels of the same cycle that takes life forward. Experience is above all in determining the fabric of life and teaching¬†us the best lessons.¬†Pranshu talks about how one cannot exist without the other, and how failure is nothing to be feared.

        • Who: ¬†Vaishakhi Shah
        • What:¬†“Love has no boundaries, Lovers have!”
        • Spicy:¬†Love is based on trust and mutual respect. Jealousy is also considered to be an integral part of love, but many people may beg to differ. When you love someone or care for someone, their happiness takes precedence over your own. Vaishakhi talks about such a love and the sacrifice that comes with it. ¬†

        • Who:¬†¬†Nivedita Louis
        • What:¬†“The Alchemist in me”
        • Spicy:¬†It is World Book Day today. A day when literature, books, storytelling and authors are not just acknowledged but also celebrated. If you are a blogger, you know how addictive books and authors can get. Nivedita celebrates this day by talking about¬†a famous book and the influence it can have on a life.

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