Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 19, 2016

Tangy TuesdaysBlogging is as personal a phenomenon as it is digital. Every blogger has their own personal journey with blogging, that helps them experience, feel, express and think about things differently. What’s your journey with blogging? We’d love to know about your unique personalities through your blog posts. Submit them in our Tangy Tuesday Picks here.  

  • WhoJai Arjun Singh
  • What“Why Fan reminded me of puppet-masters and their psychotic dolls”
  • Tangy: Shah Rukh Khan’s latest offering FAN has gotten rave reviews, and is a marked shift from the kind of movies the King Khan has done recently. The film has many references to Shah Rukh’s own super stardom, and explores the many trappings that come with that level of fame and adulation. Jai explores the subtleties of the movie, and what messages the film gives.

  • Who: Anuja Chandramouli 
  • What: “The Case against Game of Thrones the TV Show”
  • Tangy: Game of Thrones is one of the biggest phenomena on TV in recent times. The scale of production, popularity and impact of the show on pop culture is unmatched. While it looks like the whole world is waiting for Season Six of the epic show, there is a group of people who are not too impressed by the adaptation of the book series, and feel that the ‘Song Of Ice And Fire’ series is more intriguing. Read and let us know if you agree. 

  • Who: Cheena Chopra
  • What“Jumping on the bandwagon”
  • Tangy: Facebook is a place where you can connect with other people and stay updated about your friends’ activities. But for youngsters in a certain age group, it is more like an announcement page for engagements, weddings and baby arrivals. While singles do feel happy for their peers who put up such updates, so much change can get a little overwhelming for them.

  • WhoLeena Walawalkar
  • What: “Haan re Haan Haan 50 50 – With An Award!”
  • Tangy: Blogging is a passion for many people, and when you’re passionate about something, it shows. In such cases, every milestone becomes important, and every achievement memorable. Leena wanted to make her 50th blog post stand out, and this is what she wrote. More blogging power to you Leena!

  • Who: Crestless Wave 
  • What: “Short Story: Kismi Bar”
  • Tangy: Nostalgia often takes us over when we talk about friends, toys and toffees that filled our childhood days. However, what remains is the beautiful and light memory of the time we spent together with our friends, especially the ones we lost touch with over the years. Here is Crestless Wave’s piece of fiction that will take you back to your childhood days.

  • Who: Trisha Gupta 
  • What: “Mining the Mother Lode”
  • Tangy: ‘Mere paas maa hai’ is one of the most iconic dialogues in Hindi cinema, and that’s enough to tell you the importance of mothers in our films. We’re all familiar with the ever motherly, ever sacrificial mother who cried on screen for decades. Today’s mothers have nothing in common with the Nirupa Roy model of motherhood, and this change is visible in our films too! Trisha Gupta talks about this welcome change of making on screen moms cool.

  • WhoNikita Goel
  • What: “7 BELIEFS Of Happy People”
  • Tangy: We’re all on an endless pursuit of happiness, looking beyond us for what could bring joy and cheer. However, the secret to happiness lies within us – in our beliefs, thought processes and our attitudes. Nikita Goel sheds some light on the beliefs of the truly happy!

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