Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 12, 2016

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Hola Bloggers! As a blogger you might think you are just talking about yourself and your personal experiences. But if you think of yourself as storytellers of your time, your role in the bigger picture grows exponentially. Blogging is important people! That was us inspiring you to blog more and get the world to read your thoughts. So start gathering interesting stories and send them to be featured in Tangy Tuesday Picks here.  

  • WhoSwathi Rishi
  • What: “#Goa – Sunsets, Beaches & Food”
  • Tangy: Food, beaches and nightlife are reasons enough for anyone to want to spend a weekend in Goa. Experiencing Goa in your own way is one thing and inspiring someone to visit Goa through your experience is another. Swathi shares her favourite food joints in Goa and we bet you will want to leave your house right away, because there is something for everyone here.

  • WhoDivya N
  • What: “How to write a fantastic Guest post”
  • Tangy: As a blogger and a writer, one is always looking for opportunities to reach out to more number of people through words and explore different writing styles to experiment with. Guest posting is a great way to build your audience. Divya tells you how to make the most of your guest posting opportunity by getting everything from the content to the writing style right.

  • WhoSuruchi Arora
  • What“Age is not just a Number.”
  • Tangy: Growing old is on the top of unwanted and feared things for almost everyone. Old people have a wealth of experiences and wisdom, but they tend to be looked upon as a burden because of their physical limitations. Suruchi talks about how the cycle of life takes over, how the old makes way for the new and how we can balance between both.

  • WhoUpasna
  • What: “Cycling in India has taken a backseat”
  • Tangy: Cycling presently is looked at a sport more than a mode of transport, when it can be one of the most efficient ways to reduce traffic. From kids to adults, cycling regularly can give us good health, savings and also reduce vehicular pollution. Despite all these advantages, cycling hasn’t gotten the love it deserves. Upasna lists down what cycling can do for you and for the world, and hopes to initiate you into the two wheeler world.

  • WhoPurnendu Singh
  • Tangy: Ghost stories are amazing pastimes during sleepovers, bonfires and during travel. People love visiting haunted places to get a taste of the thrill first hand, and to see if the myths have any truth to them. The ruins of Bhangarh are supposed to be haunted, and Purendu checks out the place to get his own impressions of the spooky place.

  • Who: Soumya Mukherjee
  • What“Cooking my Goose”
  • Tangy: Cooking and eating are two sides of the same coin, and most people prefer only the eating side of the coin. One might be completely in love with food but cause disasters in the kitchen when cooking is attempted. Saumya shares with us a fun tale about his experiments with cooking, his love for fine food and how he finally entered the kitchen, with interesting results.

  • Who: Balakarthiga
  • What“Writing Q&A| Finding Time to Start and Finish your Novel”
  • Tangy: Writers are creative geniuses who live the best of both the worlds – one that they see through their words and one that see through their eyes. Even then people often find them useless and jobless. Well, the truth is on the other side, for writers best know the art of multitasking and fulfilling their passions.

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