Spicy Saturday Picks – April 16, 2016

Spicy Saturday

If words have the power to change the world, bloggers are easily at a vantage point. We’re constantly amazed by the kind of  variety and thought that we find in Indian blogs. These kind of thoughts are our real treasure. We wish to uncover more such gems, so submit your fresh and unique blog posts here. 

Delve into some noteworthy Indian blog posts below and tell us your pick!

        • Who: Meeta Sengupta 
        • What: “Respect in the Classroom”
        • Spicy: The foundations of our thoughts, ambition and future life are laid in our childhood. Freedom is the ingredient necessary for anyone to realize their full potential. Systems are designed to give structure to this freedom. In reality, these systems work to clip the wings of young minds, and this trend remains the same well into adulthood. Meeta decodes this stifling truth.

        • WhoVishvaraj Chauhan
        • What: “A Tryst With Trust”
        • Spicy: A ray of hope, a spring of inspiration, a weapon for positive change and a strength of all relationships – trust has as many meanings as the number of minds. So how does one define it for oneself and trust it to be completely true? Vishvaraj explores the depth and value of trust in our lives and how to always find it within us.

        • Who: Madhu
        • What“San Sebastian – Belle Epoque Charm And Sublime Finger Food”
        • Spicy: The historic city of San Sebastian in Spain has many things to experiment which more than make up for the absence of historical monuments. So what is in store for an explorer? An exemplary cuisine, magnificent bath houses on beautiful urban beaches and exhibits that display the evolution of the the city, its culture and its people. Madhu’s exhaustive blog post captures the unique character of this Spanish marvel.

        • WhoDeeptiman Chatterjee
        • What“On a new Workout Regime, bound to Fail..”
        • Spicy: Making health resolutions is the easiest thing, and keeping them the hardest bit. Everyone wants to get in better shape and be healthy but not everyone has what it takes to get fitter. What some people lack in perseverance, they make up in wittiness and honesty. Read Deeptiman’s blog post about his quest to include working out in his daily life.

        • WhoPriyanka Victor
        • What“Mine”
        • Spicy: Blogosphere is a different world altogether, with its denizens interacting with each other in a unique way. Blogs become identities, and writing styles become personalities. Priyanka imagines how each of her blogger friends would be in real life, and paints a pretty intriguing picture.

        • WhoMaggie
        • What“Knowledge is a currency that is traded differently”
        • Spicy: It may be a cliche, but knowledge is and will remain the ultimate power. However, isn’t it strange that in spite of it not being controlled by money, most of us do not seem to attain it? So how does one define knowledge? How should one own it? How does it get transferred from one person to another? Maggie writes about the currency of knowledge.

        • Who: Tushar Kumar Singh
        • What“Economic Hitmen, Media And The Myth Of Freedom In Democracy”
        • Spicy: Things that happen in the world are more often than not connected with each other, and the inner workings that go on behind the scenes of large scale events almost never make it out to the open. Tushar talks about the phenomenon of economic hitmen and the illusion of truth in media.

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