Spicy Saturday Picks – April 9, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 So we’re still in a food coma after the multiple celebrations of Gudi Padwa, Ugaadi, Cheti Chand and many more. Don’t you just love the diversity of our country? Just as diverse are the blog posts that we read while looking for the best picks to be featured in Spicy Saturday Picks. If you want to submit your own posts, you can do so here. Scroll below for some very read worthy blog posts from Indian bloggers this weekend. 

        • Who: Richa Kashyap Bhaskar
        • What: “Oh Shit! I am the Bride!”
        • Spicy: The idea and thought of becoming a bride sends happy shivers down most girls’ spines. As your wedding date approaches, the reality of the days leading up to it may not live up to the gossamer expectations. These days can be especially bewildering for someone who is not used to to behaving “like a girl” normally. Read Richa’s honest account of being a bride.

        • WhoNeha Chamaria
        • What“Crushed”
        • Spicy: The recent flyover collapse in Kolkata has left families of the victims devastated and has stunned people with the realization that this can happen to anyone. The lives that were taken in the incident did not just end, but were snatched brutally much before their time. Neha pens a tribute to such victims.

        • Who: Pallav Gogoi
        • Spicy: Dreams hold a lot of mysteries, and rare is the person who does not think about the deeper meaning that dreams have. It is possible to harness the mystique of dreams if you just feel them deeply and consciously. All you need is the will to delve into your dreams and let them take you to wonderful places.

        • WhoRathina Sankari N
        • Spicy: There are some places that are on every person’s must visit list.Mostly, they are places like Switzerland, Italy, Australia and the like. Places that are uncommon, that do not fit into most travel wishlists are the ones that throw up beautiful surprises. Rathina discovers the many wonders that Taiwan has in store for its visitors.

        • WhoVenkat Ramanan
        • What“Horoscope Matching For Marriages Not Needed”
        • Spicy: We live in times when love marriages are accepted but not widely. You must be aware of how families cannot let go of their ‘Kundali‘ sessions (bride as well as groom’s side) and nothing ever can go ahead unless the kundalis are compatible with each other. Venkat tells us how our beliefs can be hollow.

        • WhoNeeharika Satyavada
        • What“Abseiling in The Blue Mountains”
        • Spicy: Australia is known for its beaches and chilled out vibe that attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Apart from beaches, there is another side to Australia that is just as beautiful and worth exploring. Neeharika visited the majestic blue mountains and she tells us more about the place, adventures and the secret behind the name.

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