Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 29, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Holi as well as Easter celebrations. Give us a glimpse of that in your blog posts. Check out our Buzzing Blogosphere this week as we talk in depth about the Brussels attack, the political culture in Belgium and more from bloggers around the world. We send our heartfelt prayers to the victims in Brussels as well as Lahore.  Send in your entries here to see your name featured exclusively in any of our upcoming Tangy Tuesday editions. Read Indian Blogs by bloggers below and you will know why we have this edition. They are simply awesome. 

  • WhoAnusha Sinha
  • What“Music To My Senses”
  • Tangy: We think of emotions as something abstract, which can’t be described, just experienced. But if you are connected to yourself and life around you, you can feel these emotions in everything that touches your life. Anusha manages to catch some of these emotions in her words for you.

  • Who: Reshmy Pillai
  • Tangy: Social rituals and customs are designed to bring us together, but the ones that keep you away from celebrating festivals or occasions can make you feel betrayed. Widows in some parts of India are forced to live an incomplete life by not being a part of festivals. But this 400 years old tradition saw a change with a community in Uttarakhand where widows played Holi. It’s a huge shift in status quo, but Reshmy asks if it’s enough to better the plight of widows across the nation.

  • WhoEisha Sarkar
  • What: “Peace”
  • Tangy: Eisha Sarkar brings out a haunting reality of present times. Amidst bureaucratic shuffles, illusionary prayers, and non-reliable promises we claim to be in peace. Are you really at peace? It is time to pose this question to your inner self, society and the world at large.

  • WhoSundaresan Sekar
  • What: “5 Types of Articles you can stop reading this 2016”
  • Tangy: The Internet is a great place to get information and insights. There is no topic under the sky that doesn’t find a place in Google search pages. On the other hand, it is also a place where people mislead audiences with supposedly useful information which turns out to be a dud. Sundaresan tells you what kind of content you can stay away from this year.

  • Who:  Swapan Dasgupta
  • What“No place for denial or double standards”
  • Tangy: It is easy to have an opinion in the online world, just as easy as it is to have double standards, as there are no known repercussions. Swapan emphasizes on having a public discussion and debate on the recent murder of a young dentist which brought out some polarizing perspectives on the tragic incident.

  • WhoSid Vee
  • What“The remarkable Mr Kohli”
  • Tangy: On March 27, 2016, India witnessed a class act on the cricket field that washed away Australia’s hopes of a win in the World T20 Cricket battle. The match ended with yet another feather in India’s cap – a semi-final berth. The aggressive Virat Kolhi who crafted the win was the man of the day, player of the match and a pleasure to watch. Sid Vee scripts the magic, composition and performance of Kohli who made a mark by Kohlifying India for Semi Finals in detail.

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