Spicy Saturday Picks – March 26, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 Holi is done with, but we hope most of you are still enjoying the long weekend that came with it. If your weekend plans include scrubbing yourself and your home to get rid of the Holi colours, take a look at our Holi care collective. Check out our curated blog posts below to complete your festive weekend and share your stories with us by submitting your Spicy blog posts here. 

        • WhoMayuri R Baruah
        • What: “Turkish Delights”
        • Spicy: Travelling to a new country full of unknown people is always a daunting proposition, even if the trip is well planned. The monuments and tourist experiences are great for photo ops, while the people of the country leave the most memorable impact. Mayuri had one such experience in Turkey, which delighted and surprised her.

        • Who: Raghav Ravichandran
        • What: “1000 & counting- A fan’s perspective on Ilaiyaraaja and the impact of his music..” 
        • Spicy: Music is the voice of the soul, an artistic way of human expression. One of India’s most prolific composers Ilaiyaraaja recently composed his 1000th album. A jewel for his fans, a an adored and respected talent and the pride of the nation, Ilaiyaraaja has a special place in the hearts of his fans. Here is a fan’s tribute that talks about the impact of this musical genius.

        • Who: Pallavi Baruah
        • What“You become what you do…..”
        • Spicy: Being who you are and doing what you love is the only worthy thing one can do to justify their existence. Irrespective of how old or young, how happy or sad you are, simply taking up a task closest to your heart gives you an inner high and makes you content from within. Pallavi shares with us an inspiring tale.

        • WhoArindam Chattopadhyay
        • What“Manage Stress at Work”
        • Spicy: We work to get money, success, progress and a goal in life. Ironically, work is the number one cause of stress for most people. It’s great when work is challenging; we just need to take care that this challenge doesn’t translate into a stressful work atmosphere. Arindam tell us how in an elaborate post.

        • WhoJohnyML
        • What: “The Danger in Unsigned Art Reviews in Newspapers”
        • Spicy: Creativity, spirituality and meditation are topics that are as complicated as they are subjective. No one can claim with absolute certainty that they know everything there is to know about these concepts. Rare are the ones who can document them or even manage to express their experiences. Johny shares his opinion on such expressions, which might not hit the spot every time.

        • Who: Faye Dcruz
        • What: “Lessons To Learn”
        • Spicy: Love is a deep emotion that binds you to a person and creates a foundation for your future. However, life gets unpredictable and can so can people. A firmly believed truth can turn into a lie, a belief can turn into an illusion and love can taste bitter. Faye writes about a deep romance.

        • Who:Abhik Chakraborty
        • What“A Smile That Saved More Than My Weekend”
        • Spicy:  In the everyday rush of life, we miss out taking care of our simple cravings like a hug, a kiss or a smile that can change our mood and make us happier. Yes, that’s for real. Abhik tells us the importance of these simple things, which can make or break someone’s day.

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  1. Thanks for selecting my personal story on managing stress at work and life. I am sure readers will learn from my experience.

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