Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 22, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

The festival of colors is here and we wish you all a very Happy Holi in advance. Check out our Buzzing Blogosphere for the week to know how the country is prepping for the festival of colours. Do keep an eye out for our Collective that will take care of all your post-Holi issues. Below are the tangy blog posts of the week that will serve like a cooler on a sunny day.

  • Who: Deepika Vakil
  • What: “Confused”
  • Tangy:  As adults, we know how the world works and try our best to find our way around it. When you’re a child, everything around you is new, intriguing and a tad bit confusing too. These questions and confused thoughts are what teach the child the ways of the world. Deepika beautifully brings out the confused musings of a child.

  • WhoVivek Reddy
  • What“Down the drain…”
  • Tangy: We come across people of different types. We learn from some, we earn through some, we meet some and we are only acquainted with some. Some are honest while some pretend to be, some appear close while some genuinely are. Vivek summarizes the realities about people in four baskets, and tells us what we can do with each of them. 

  • Who: Manu S Kurup
  • What“Abode”
  • Tangy: We love monuments and old structures because they give us an idea about how mankind was before our generation, before the world as we know it existed. Manu experiences such time travel when he visits an old temple.

  • WhoVivek Vichare
  • What“Hiroshima and Miyajima Island in a day”
  • Tangy: Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. This is exactly what the vibe of people in Hiroshima is all about. Vivek on his trip to the historic city explores the horrific history of the place juxtaposed with present day scenes and stories. The World Heritage Site now is a place of museums, Hiroshima Castle and a sacred island.

  • WhoIlakshee Bhuyan Nath
  • What: “Aligarh And A Few Thoughts”
  • Tangy: If movies are a mirror to the society then Aligarh has a lot of lessons. The most difficult and challenging aspect of humanity is to accept that which is different or that which challenges the ordinary. Rules are very important to maintain order in society, but these rules should not be given precedence over individual freedom and happiness.

  • Who: Varsha Bagadia
  • What“The Case of the Dirty Pictures”
  • Tangy: Digital media, smartphones and messenger apps have made distribution of data fast and has gotten power into everyone’s hands. This same power can be used to invade someone’s privacy and peek into other people’s lives. Varsha shares an enlightening real life incident that speaks volumes about this double edged sword of the present times.

  • WhoVikram Karve
  • What“A Dog’s Life: The Life Story Of A Rescued Dog”
  • Tangy: Pets are the dearest living beings we hold on to. An extension to our human family, they love us the most and prove to be the best companions when there is no one around. They always look at us with unconditional love, and are grateful for whatever little we do for them.Vikram shares a beautiful and a fictional tale of a canine companion.

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