Spicy Saturday Picks – March 19, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 The weekend is here and so are we with our Spicy posts. Grab a cooler as the thermometer is telling us that this is going to be a killer summer. Read the musings of Indian Bloggers and get inspired to think more and write more. Send your blog posts here to get featured by us and read by our audience and other bloggers!

        • WhoEisha Sarkar
        • What: “Jirga, soccer and the Art of Conflict Resolution”
        • Spicy: Today’s world thrives on conflict. Conflict seems to be the only language that people understand, even when the differences are quite small. Eisha Sarkar shares a beautiful incident where she went on to teach about conflict resolution while being in a contrasting profession herself.

        • WhoStephen
        • What“Autobiography of a Plagiarist”
        • Spicy: People in creative professions are supposed to come up with wonderful stuff on their own. When that’s not possible for some, they plagiarize and take credit for somebody else’s work. Stephen tells a fictional story about a plagiarist.

        • WhoTushar Joneja
        • What“Insincerely Yours”
        • Spicy: Social media has pervaded every part of our lives. It was designed just to be a reflection of our lives, but some people have started living their lives so that they have something to share on social media. Tushar talks about this artificiality, and the web of lies it propagates.

        • WhoMegha Sreeram
        • Spicy: Parents are protectors to young children, but when children grow up, the relationship turns to one of friendship. Every child would love to have their parent as their first friend. But sometimes, parents try pushing out their children out of the nest even as the kids yearn for love and reassurance. Read this open letter by a child expressing this scenario.

        • WhoVinayak Sharma
        • Spicy: We cannot live without the Internet, but we’e forced to do it often when our ISP oofs up. While you might just scratch your head to get some options to pass the time, we have Vinayak who tells us 12 things to do when the internet is on a break.

        • WhoPriyanka Roy Banerjee
        • What“That Which Must Not Be Named”
        • Spicy: Every writer suffers from writer’s block, but we cannot allow it to kill our creativity and not let us do what we’re aspiring for. Sometimes, the problem extends deeper than just a block. What is it? Priyanka explains.

        • WhoPrasad NP
        • What“Petition to Railway Minister Sh. Suresh Prabhu”
        • Spicy : The pleasures of travelling in Indian railways are always memorable but the case is not always the same when it the food we eat in the trains. Some trains book your dish by default along with your ticket. Prasad is urging you and many others to make food in trains optional to stop wastage of precious food.

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