Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 15, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Welcome back to your adda! As you rush through the busy (or not so busy) weekday, we bring you the blog posts by Indian bloggers that have emotions, feelings and information that we find unique! Tell us your favourites and if you found an impressive blog post recently, please share in the comments section below so we can feature it. Have you checked our #PerkyTweets of the week? Go ahead and check it out for another dose of fun.

Check out the Tangiest blog posts of the week below!

  • WhoNarmadha
  • What: “Thank MEN on Women’s day”
  • Tangy: International Women’s Day was celebrated with a lot of fanfare recently. Celebrating womanhood does not mean denouncing the men that hold a special position in every woman’s life. From a father to grandson, friend and husband, each and every role of the men in your family or social circle plays an important role in shaping the woman that you become. Some of the most amazing people in everyone’s life are men, and they deserve due credit, as Narmadha explains.

  • WhoAmruthavarshini S
  • What“Lonely”
  • Tangy: We all have, faced loneliness, regardless of whether we had company or not. It is known to arrive unexpectedly and puts us out of our comfort zone, because we don’t know how to deal with it. There are ways to get rid of it, and ways to accept it and make our peace with it. Amrutha describes the depth of this state. 

  • Who: Akil Bakhshi
  • What“An Open Letter to a Closed Mind”
  • Tangy: The recent arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar raised a number of questions on the sedition law. In simple words, one must have the right to choose what they think is the best choice for them. That is how a democracy is defined. Kanhaiya’s arrest tells us that the condition of freedom of speech and democratic expression still leaves a lot to be desired. Akil writes a letter to people who he thinks have closed minds.

  • WhoSanch
  • What“On cats, cat yoga and cat ladies”
  • Tangy: Yoga is good for health, and cats are great entertainment for the mind. What if you club the two together? Wouldn’t it be the ideal workout for the body and the mind? Well, we have Sanch who takes us through her ‘Catmospheric’ yoga sessions. Don’t blame us if you’re sorely tempted to add kitties to your yoga session.

  • WhoRavneet Sangha
  • What: “Patchwork of life”
  • Tangy: The beauty of life and growing up is to find the purpose and meaning of each passing phase of life. That is because time once gone by never returns. If one is learning, one knows that experiences matter more than material things as experiences shape us. Ravneet narrates a beautiful experience of patience.

  • Who: Dr Raksha Bhat
  • What“Where The World Is”
  • Tangy: Technology comes with its own beauty and its effects are felt far and wide. Aren’t e-book readers a gem of a tool for people who love reading? They literally have the library in their hands and if reading books means the world to you, then an ebook reader gives you the world in your hands. Dr. Raksha has begun her new venture with a beautiful incident.

  • WhoUmang Trivedi
  • What:  “Exploring The Beautiful Landscapes Of Kodaikanal”
  • Tangy: The best way to destress is to throw yourself in the arms of nature. Step in a natural surrounding- a hill station or a near a soothing water body and see the magic within you unfold. Kodaikanal is one such natural beauty that will fill you with calming experiences and beautiful memories. Umang tells us how and what to explore here.

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