#AddaTales: I Turned To See Who Was Following Me…

BlogAdda is all about creating stories, giving you a creative outlet and pushing the limits of your imagination to reach greater heights of story telling. #AddaTales on BlogAdda’s Twitter page is just an extension of this. Through #AddaTales, we want people to connect with each other over 140 characters and create a story together. In this age of short attention spans and 140 character limits, isn’t this the best way to nurture creativity? Here’s presenting this week’s #AddaTales, formed by our awesomely creative Twitterati with the prompt ‘I Turned To See Who Was Following Me…‘.


So these were tag team champions of this week’s #AddaTales on Twitter. You can Click Here to read the second thread that was created with the same prompt. If you want a piece of the action, follow @blogadda, keep an eye out for the next #AddaTales prompt and ask your friends to join the fun!

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