Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 23, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

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Check the blog posts below that will refresh you in minutes.

  • WhoDernier Cri Publishing
  • What: “The forbidden lovers – Heloise and Abelard”
  • Tangy: Love is eternal. Love is ethereal. Love also has different meanings that get defined by society from time to time. There was a time when the love between a greatest mind of his time and an intellectual beauty was well known. They faced challenges from society, obstacles from the people closest to them and they both overcame them. Dernier narrates the passionate tale of two lovers.

  • WhoAkanksha Dureja
  • What: “An Open Letter to Twitter Trolls”
  • Tangy: Millions of people across the globe use Twitter to speak their mind. It is a source of real time updates and knowledge, and in some cases, jokes and memes. The only drawback to this medium is that the anonymity gives people a false sense of bravado, transforming them into trolls. It is very easy to jump into a conversation and bully anyone without any fear of backlash. Akansksha cleverly silences the unwanted noise.

  • WhoLakshmi Sharath
  • What“A temple trail of Kumbakonam”
  • Tangy: Kumbakonam is a temple town, with most of its streets being dotted with beautiful temples. This place has centuries of history in the air, making it a fascinating place to visit. Lakshmi recounts the essence of these temples that are known to be the abodes of gods, kings and saints.

  • Who: Ananya
  • What“Going Solo”
  • Tangy: The new buzzword in travel is going solo. They say travelling alone brings out new facets to your personality. Well, there are different ways of going solo too! You can plan every aspect of the trip or just decide to take off one day! Ananya shares her crazy tale of a weekend alone in Goa.

  • WhoK.R.Vidhyaa
  • What: “The Story Of Sahasra Kavacha”
  • TangyThe Mahabharata is a fascinating tale of human relationships, warfare, the divine and so much more. What makes it more fascinating is that almost every character has a backstory that links it to other old tales and scriptures, almost always accompanied by a lesson. If you’re fascinated by the rivalry between Arjun and Karna, then you need to read the story of Sahasra Kavacha. 

  • WhoDr. R Balasubramaniam
  • What: “Death of Democracy and development in Karnataka”
  • TangyPolitics is a complicated game like chess and the decisions that politicians take are not always for the betterment of people. Sometimes, they are a part of power games solely for their benefit. This blog post explains how appointments to important offices in Karnataka are being politicized, scuttling the ship of development in the state.

  • WhoDhiren Navani
  • What“Zindagi To Chalti Hi Rahegi”
  • Tangy: Life is more fun and valuable when it is unpredictable and adventururous. Living a routine life is called living and not existing. Dhiren inspires you to step ahead and take the plunge to change things around in simple ways to make life more interesting and add newness.

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