Spicy Saturday Picks – February 20, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Aaaah a spring weekend! Spring in India is found only in textbooks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a sunny outlook. This week’s WOW prompt will let you vent your feelings about the current Indian TV shows. Write about ‘If I Could Create A TV Show’ before Sunday midnight and win a WOW badge! Browse through these Spicy posts and tell us which you like best in the comments section below!

        • WhoAnirudh Rao
        • What“Fury”
        • Spicy: A driving force, an accelerator and an inspiration for you to march ahead always, fury can be a good catalyst in your journey to achieve something in life. If you thought it was a negative quality, then Anirudh has more reasons for you to use it in a good way to pave the path to your progress.

        • WhoSeena Antony
        • What“A Short Story – Cubicle Dairies”
        • Spicy: Work life is a fine blend of fun, learning, and sometimes frustration. Some days you feel charged up, and on others you question why you’re working. Here’s a short story by Seena which covers the whole gamut of emotions in a working day.

        • WhoVishakha Sethi
        • What“Can Money Buy You Happiness?”
        • Spicy: They say money can’t buy you happiness, and we see that some of the poorest people we see are the happiest. You might think this is just a theory to stop people from running after money too much, but Vishakha finds this to be true through her experience.

        • WhoShwetabh Mathur
        • What“Aaj Thand Kuch Zyaada Hai Aur Dhup Achi Hai”
        • Spicy: There is nothing more special than expressing love for someone special. The world becomes one, you suddenly understand all languages of nature and realize every emotion of life. One feels complete after having said all that you feel. Here are some lovely lines by Shwetabh straight from the heart.

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