Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 16, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

The much awaited Tuesday is back and if you are looking for some fun then do check out our Perky Tweets and send us your collection of perky tweets to be featured. Join our Bloggers To Authors Program TODAY to know the difference. Below are the blog posts to complete our weekly tangy meetup.

  • WhoIndrajit Roy Choudhury
  • What“Stopping food waste”
  • Tangy: France has come up with a ban on food wastage for supermarkets that occupy an area larger than 400 sq.mts. in February. Why doesn’t India have a policy on food wastage when millions go to bed hungry every night? Statistics say the amount of food we waste in a year is what the whole of UK consumes in the same time period. Indrajit tells us more about food wastage and how India needs to learn from France.

  • WhoSofi Ahsan
  • What: “Being Singly Together”
  • Tangy: Love can be expressed in many ways but some are cool enough to add a professional touch to their expression. We mean they relate love, everyday life and bond to their profession and can easily churn out their own line of poetry. Here are some journalistic one liners about friendship, love and everything in between.

  • WhoCifar Shayar
  • What“Goro Ki Na Kalo Ki Ye Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki”
  • Tangy: India is a free and inclusive country, and our official stand is that we’re against racism. But every day, we see instances where people call each other names based on their ethnicity. The recent attack on the Tanzanian girl in Bangalore just blew the lid on this hidden racism. Cifar Shayar analyses this behaviour.

  • WhoAkriti Sharma
  • What: “10 drool worthy Punjabi foods you can’t miss on your next ‘gedhi’ to Punjab”
  • Tangy: People think the fact that Punjabis are foodies is a stereotype, but one look at the delicious dishes that come out of this region and you know that this stereotype is absolutely justified. Who cares about calories when you have parathas, lassi and butter chicken in front of you? Read this post and don’t stop till you have tried all of them.

  • WhoAbhineet Dey
  • Tangy: In between the on and off sad news that keep popping on news channels, there is something really big that India is eyeing this year. We are participating in the 2016 Olympics. Abhineet tells us what all things should we look forward to, what is the government doing for our players who will represent us on the international stage and our progress in sports so far.

  • WhoVishvaraj Chauhan
  • What“In Lots Of Vehement Emotions”
  • Tangy: The high of finding someone special is unmatched by any other feeling. The pieces of the puzzle fit, and you might even hear an imperceptible ‘click’ when they do. Whether it’s love at first sight, or an old friendship that grows into love, finding true love can be a ‘dream’ come true.

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