Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 05, 2015

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Happy New Year to all of you! Tell us how you kicked off 2016 and your first impressions of the New Year on our Twitter handle @blogadda. Reminisce about the crazy year that 2015 was by blogging for #TalesOf2015 and get books and goodies from BlogAdda. Get to know an award winning blogger Dollie Solanki as we interview her to know the secrets of beauty.

  • Who: Varun Nayak
  • What“2016: The Stakes Are High”
  • Tangy: 2014 and ’15 were the years when Indians were supposed to experience ‘achhe din’ with the rise of the new NDA government. We can see some positive changes in the country, but 2015 stripped away some of the popularity of Narendra Modi and his team, and notched up some wins for the opposition parties. With many new challenges and elections coming up in 2016, this is the year when all the political parties will battle for their identity and electoral victories.

  • WhoVinod Joseph
  • What“Short Story: The Exit”
  • Tangy: Workplaces are so much more than places that we work at for 8 hours of the day. A workplace is a mix of people, attitudes, and different traits, some of which may clash with each other. Here’s a short slice of life story which you may identify with if you’ve ever quit a job.

  • WhoAishwarya Ananth
  • What“The traditional wrap-up post for 2015 – the year that was!!”
  • Tangy: The traditional ceremony of ending a year with some notes, resolutions and a speech is fascinating for each one of us. It is a nice way to rewind the days and memories that will stay with us forever. Aishwarya talks about her best times of the year and her ways of letting go of the old year and bringing in the new.

  • WhoK.R.Vidhyaa
  • Tangy: Pandharpur is a must visit pilgrimage spot for many people in Maharashtra and neighbouring states. The present day Pandharpur has a great story and lesson attached to it. The beauty of such legends is that they have an aura of mystique and magic, and their life lessons are relevant even in today’s times. Read this story which will make you think about the importance of family.

  • WhoChitra Sawant
  • What“Secondary status to women affects kids’ overall growth”
  • Tangy: There is a saying that ‘If you educate a man, you educate one person but if you educate a woman, you educate the whole family’. The inverse is also true, where the bad health of the women in the family affects not just every member, but also future generations borne by the woman. Isn’t it time we changed this status quo?

  • WhoShaifali Gupta
  • What“Gujarta Waqt”
  • Tangy: Shefali talks about time, how it passes by, least affected by our situations and actions. People usually over analyse themselves, others and situations. Why? She questions. Pick up the Universe’s heart beat and connect with yourself and the divine to live up your life, she says.

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