Best Blog Posts Of 2015: Spicy Saturday Edition

Saturday! Saturday! What an arrival! Bang on time. BlogAdda wishes each one of you a very Happy New Year. As we slide into 2016, BlogAdda bids a goodbye to an eventful 2015, memorable blogger sessions and that leaves us behind with a storehouse of some amazing blog posts that are every reader’s delight. Amidst all that frenzy around us, the gamut of emotions and much curiosity to know what is in store for us in 2016, we look back to some Spicy Saturday Picks that we enjoyed reading as much as you did writing. Below are the picks as ‘Best Spicy Saturday Picks of the Year 2015’. Treat yourself as we look forward for another and a better beginning.

best-blogposts-spicy-2015 Blogadda

  • Whoreadingrsmind
  • What“Letter to My Daughters – Marriage”
  • Spicy: Marriage is a very important step in life and one needs to decide for it in a responsible way. However traditionally in India reasons for getting married are sometimes enough to startle you because they are far from living a real life. So is it okay to not get married? Especially if you are a girl? This post is probably the best answer to this question. The reason we choose this as one of the best posts is because it reasonably sets the objective of marriage as one of the things and not the only important thing of life.

  • WhoAshwini Dodani
  • What“Abstract Is Beautiful”
  • Spicy: As we slide in 2016, we carry so much to treasure ourselves with. Life is way more giving than what we think. Ashwini has beautifully written this post which is just an apt read on a 1st day of the year. It is one of the best posts as it captures the essence of life and keeps it exactly the way it should be.

  • WhoTulika Singh
  • What“Where did my babies go?”
  • Spicy: Kids become the most important aspect of a couples life. They increase the bond in the family and unite the members with love. It is wonderful to see them grow and independently take charge of life. This new year we all grew a year older. This post is one of the best ways to get the deep understanding of relationships, people and family. It is not about the need to help them grow, but the assurance that as parents you are always there for them. A mothers account with her kids.

  • WhoJaibala Rao
  • What“The Letter”
  • Spicy: Life can get unpredictable to the supremacy of the term. It is a kind of test that we try to pass each passing day in our relationships and deeds. This post is a daughter’s request to her father to raise her daughter as fate takes away both the parents and her daughter needs someone who is from family can can bring her up. It is the best posts of the year because it talks about how relationships never die but only take birth. They live forever.

  • WhoFindingnimi
  • What: “A Love and Lust’s story”
  • Spicy: Two people, two contradictory emotions with a story in a book. Each chapter unfolds with itself a test, a ray of hope and courage to look ahead with empty hands and heart. This had to be one of the best posts of the year as it takes love and lust as the main characters  but caters to a canvas of life that is much larger. You will find your story even if you were not a part of it.

  • WhoTia Sparkles Singh
  • What: “To My Cousin & All Class 12 Students Worried About The Future: You’re More Than A Number or A Grade.”
  • Spicy: Yes getting  formal education for yourself is important but for a child, the ground is much bigger. Let he not compromise on his imaginations and start to label himself depending on the numbers on a report card. Let the card just be a card and not a judge. Let the child first see his potential and then let emotion take over him. Let learning be fun and education be in mind. This is one of the best posts of the year as it perfectly sketches out the definition and importance of education. A must read if you have a kid.

  • WhoRamaswamy V Krishnamurti
  • What“Dare to dream…..”
  • Spicy: The new year has begun and we want to do all it takes to keep ourselves focused, motivated and energized. Well why not start dreaming? It is the easiest and that is the place where it all starts. We take this as one of the best posts of the year as this one has the right mixture of motivation where one needs to be like a child, dare it at any point of time in life and believe that a dream is meant to come true. All that you need to take off the new year.

  • WhoMoumita Ghorai
  • What: “‘Modern Times’: Chaplin’s satirical masterpiece on the Great Depression”
  • Tangy: Every generation seems to debate about the problems of the world. Great depression was one such problem. It is still a topic of discussion and analysis among many. In this post Moumita describes how Charlie Chaplin saw one of the worst times. Chaplin’s ‘Mordern Times’ was one of the best known satrical peices on great depression . The movie skillfully dipicts the world economy and how people were forced to live like animals. An approach can change your perspective.

  • WhoAkil Bakhshi
  • What“Menifism!”
  • Spicy: That is its a male dominated world is still a truth for many in this world. But that ceases to be the truth and men and women unite for their differences. It is that uniqueness that is distinct and appealing. We take it as one of the best posts of the year as it has a take on men as well as women. Life is an art bestowed in best ways on both genders. So then why not let it be lived that ways?

  • WhoSushmita Malakar
  • What“The Magic of “Appreciation”.
  • Spicy: All we need is someone to tells we are worth it. Sit back and take an analysis, in all the rush this is a timeless truth. We want it from our parents, siblings, friends, mentors, guides and lastly from god. We want to hear, ‘Hey, what you are doing is awesome!’. Everything after that is for the better, safe and content. We do not need paper certificates but people and words to acknowledge our efforts . A best pick of 2015 because we have somewhere lost ourselves in striving for recognition, not knowing that appreciation is constantly coming in abundance to us. Raise your heads!

  • WhoK Balakumar
  • What“Year of Expert Goofing-II”
  • Spicy: How was your 2015? Socially and politically it was quite entertaining. We mean there were some exaggerations, some sky high promises and funny statements by people we take as personalities . Here is a round up and it had to be one of the best picks of the year for so aptly summarizing the events of the year and bringing a smile on the faces of the readers. Do read the part 1 of the series as well.

  • Who: Vikram Sood
  • What“Are We Ready For The Next Terror Attack?”
  • Spicy: We do not hear news of terror attacks and this does not mean that we have conquered terrorists. These minds are unfortunate bane on mankind and it is each one of our duty to act responsibly. We lack far behind in our reforms and it is time we take a stand to not let terror be a hot topic of discussion or a resaon for the loss of lives. We pick this as the best post of the year as we are already dealing with it and it talks about a wide array of topics making it extensively informative.

Tell us how did you find this edition in the comments below. If you have a great post from 2015 that is a must read, do share it with us. Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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