WOW – ‘Music To My Ears’

Music is the soul of our civilization. It is what makes us different from other animals (except some who do make music). But we’re talking about the other form of music, that are words. Can the lilting symphony of  words be considered music? Which words are music to your ears?

music to my ears

This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘Music To My Ears’

For most people, ‘You have been promoted’, ‘You’re going to be a parent’, ‘You’ve won a million dollars in a lottery’ may sound like music to their ears. Tell us a story of words that you or someone else was dying to hear, words that would make them blissful, words that are music to your ears. You can write a fictional story or share a personal account where you heard some much anticipated words from someone. Your blog posts will be like music to our ears!  🙂

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