Spicy Saturday Picks – December 12, 2015

Spicy Saturday A wintry weekend and blogging! Can it get any better? Make the best of the weekend with a cup of hot coffee and fun blog posts that we have for you. Register to review Ravi Subramanian’ s latest release, ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’. You cannot miss the interview with #WIN15 award winning blogger Sakshi Nanda. Complete the weekend writing a creative blog post on our weekly WOW prompt.

These blog posts by Indian bloggers will fill your weekend with the much needed spice.

        • WhoMohit Khurana
        • Spicy: After reports of the alarmingly high levels of pollution in the Delhi air, the Delhi state government came up with the Odd-Even formula to reduce the number of cars on the road. The formula for odd and even cars seems to have received mixed responses from political parties and people. However, the formula does have some merits. Mohit evaluates further.

        • WhoBirachi Narayan Achraya
        • What“Chennai disaster: It’s time to de-crowd our metro cities”
        • Spicy: As Chennai recovers from the aftermath of floods that killed around 500 people, questions continue to rise on issues like infrastructure, construction and the preparedness of Indian cities to fight natural calamities. The burning issue is how well are the major cities of India equipped to save people’s lives amidst overcrowding and lack of adequate resources.

        • WhoSuraj Vijay Saxena
        • What“साया”
        • Spicy: An integral part of your identity, it shows its presence through the thick and thin of your life. It watches you without any bias and accepts you as you are, whether stagnant or vulnerable. One cannot deny its presence. What are we talking about? Read this blog post to find out.

        • Who: Priyank Naik 
        • What“Finding hope 2015”
        • Spicy: The year 2015 was not the best in terms of world peace or quality of life. From terror attacks in some parts of the world to heat waves and floods, the year has tested humankind like never before. But still, we managed to keep our head high in the face of tragedies and fought to keep the faith alive through disasters, terrorists and floods too. Mother Nature probably has her own ways to teach unity, as this blog post tells us.

        • Who: Anupriya Kapoor
        • What“SHUT UP AND RUN!”
        • Spicy: Winters are here and it only means more sleep and a lot of Chai for many. It gets tough to leave the tempting company of our blankets and get up to exercise before lining up any other task for the day. Here is Anupriya who has many reasons to inspire you to run for fitness without giving any excuses.

        • Who: Prason Christopher Robin
        • What“Throwback to examination hall”
        • Spicy: If you wish to scare a youngster with just one word, just say ‘Exams’. Exams cause stress, anxiety, tension, pressure and whatnot in students. While this is a difficult time for kids, it also can also lead to amusing situations. Take a look at what goes on in a student’s mind when faced with the dreaded examination hall.

        • WhoSurabhi Surendra
        • Spicy:  Every woman on this planet wants to be treated as the most beautiful person by that special someone. However this is also an issue that can easily make a woman insecure about how she looks and make her doubt if she is really worthy of the man she decides to spend her life with. Ladies, you are always worth it. Here is Surabhi telling us why.

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