Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 8, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

A BIG hello to all you lovely bloggers! The winters are setting in with tiny steps making us all excited for the season. There are some fun activities for you to enjoy blogging. Register to review Ravi Subramanian’s latest release ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’. Blog your ideas for #ResponsibleTourism and your post can get you a stay in Neemrana Hotels. Music is here to bind you and your kids with i-genius Young Singing Stars Grand Finale 2.

Take a back seat and surf through these tangy blog posts of the week.  

  • WhoJaishankar
  • Tangy: Last week the incessant rains in Chennai left the city devastated and brought normal life to a standstill. In the wake of this natural calamity, Chennai was united. People were seen helping in all possible ways to battle the fury. The showers had disrupted everything from making the basic food unavailable, to jammed networks and highly obstructed public transport. Nothing was practically operational whether rail, road or air modes. Jaishankar tells us how Chennai rose from this dire situation.

  • Who: Rathina Sankari N
  • What“Travel Tips To Macau”
  • Tangy: Winters are here and most of us will have our travel plans to explore a new place with our family or friends. Here we have Rathina who has some valuable information for you if you are heading to Macau. She will tell you how to fly, what to look for, stay, travel and food. Something really cool for keeps.

  • WhoSunila Karir
  • What“Shouldn’t you be self-censoring what you share on your social media?”
  • Tangy: In the current times and means of communication, each one of us have the privilege to express ourselves freely. We can say anything and everything we want. But there are some who fail to realize the impact of such expressions in public. There have been a series of incidents where social networking sites like Facebook were used insensitively by people. Sunila poses a question on such social media activities.

  • WhoSandeep Patil
  • What“Being Indian”
  • Tangy: There is a vibe of divide among people. The term called intolerance keeps trending every now and then and people seen to increase their levels of inconsiderate perspectives. We at times tend to define our identities based on the so called ‘news’ that keeps flashing and conversations that create unnecessary hype. Sandeep tells us there is so much more to us as Indians as he reads through the fine lines.

  • Who: Swaram Suthar
  • What: “How Does SEO & Social Media Correlate?”
  • Tangy: If digital marketing is what interests you, social media is what keeps you engaged and you are still wondering about some technical terms, then Swaram has valuable insights for you. Bookmark this post for it tells you the relation between SEO, Social Media Marketing and how these terms merge with the Google family and its algorithms.

  • WhoJaishri
  • What“How Do Parties Affect Child’s Cognitive Development”
  • Tangy: Kids are extremely adaptive of the environment you put them into. They quickly learn and grasp things around them. Socializing with kids in any way is likely to boost their confidence and increase their exposure. The benefits are not just limited to this. We have Jaishri who tells us parties can actually benefit kids and impact their cognitive development.

  • Who: Rutavi Mehta
  • What“First hand guide to national parks of India”
  • Tangy: If safaris and wildlife is what lifts up your mood, birds and animals are a part of your family, you find flora and fauna a part of your existence then here is a guide to the best national parks of India by Rutavi. A national park visit might just become the most memorable trip of your lifetime. Keep these tips in mind to have an amazing experience in national parks.

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