Spicy Saturday Picks – December 05, 2015

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Complete the weekend fun with these weekend blogs full of spice.

        • WhoRanjini.S
        • What“Internet Slang Vs Emotions”
        • Spicy: Has the digital age brought down the human connect? 70 percent of the people around us are constantly glued to their smartphones and the internet as if it were oxygen. With this levels of involvement, we tend to misread the conversations and miss out on real emotional interactions which only a personal touch can bring.

        • WhoRakhi Jayashankar
        • What“Don’t call her mother, call 1098 instead”
        • Spicy: A woman is responsible for not just giving birth to a life but also nurturing it. However, morals and humanity are delicate commitments and many among us tend to break them. Child abuse is not a nascent term and the growing incidences of the same are a cause of worry. The perpetrators of such crimes need to be punished accordingly to deter these heinous acts. Rakhi shares with us an important message.

        • WhoDr Pooja Tripathi
        • What: “Death…….And some wandering thoughts”
        • Spicy: Death is a word that makes us stop in our tracks. It is a word that most of us try to ignore, and go about our lives as if we or our loved ones will never be affected by it. But affect it does, and when it does rear its head, it not only makes us miss the deceased person, but think about our own lives and mortality. Pooja faces such a situation and mulls over it.

        • WhoAmi Bhat
        • Spicy: Rajasthan is known for its royalty, forts, deserts and rich culture. But Rajasthani food is also yummylicious and unique. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to go to high end restaurants as you can sample the best of Rajasthani food at simple roadside dhabas. Take a look at the best vegetarian dishes Rajasthan has to offer, and drooooool.

        • WhoSaurabh Chawla
        • What“Get up, That’s my Seat!”
        • Spicy: A story of every Mumbaikar who travels in train, a story of every Indian who is trying to define his/her identity. Many of us tend to fall in ego’s trap, failing to realize power is a bigger and a complex term. Why are we constantly fighting for a seat in one way or the other ? Saurabh blogs about this thought process.

        • Who: Olive Greens
        • What“Chennai Flood Situation – a Man-made Disaster”
        • Spicy: Chennai witnessed a rainy week that has broken a 100 year record. Life has come to a standstill and the city has stopped working with transport in all forms turning non-operational. While the analysis of the incessant rains continue there are some who call this a man made disaster. Col DJS Chahal tell us why it we who are responsible.

        • Who: Santosh
        • What“J&K logs – Srinagar-Sonamarg-Dras”
        • Spicy:  A trip to Srinagar in the arms of nature was filled some birding sessions, a quirky engagement with some of the Himalayan languages and a ride to scenic Mushko valley. Santosh talks about his encounters with the army and paying a tribute to the Kargil heroes. 

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