Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 27, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

The Sun seems to be taking rest and we are only loving it. Here we are back with fun contests for you. Participate in the #SoftestForBabySkin activity and you can win a voucher worth Rs. 2500. In case you missed learning about INK 2015 here are the highlights of the 3 day carnival it was.

Here are the bloggers who will make your day with their tangy blog posts. Time to read it all!

  • Who: Tripaholika
  • What“Visiting India a second time and how company travel can change your perspective about a country”
  • Tangy: Whether you like India or you don’t, you cannot take your eyes off it. This might be just another country for you or it might be just the one. But make sure you put up real judgments, see your experience in not just India but anywhere else in the world you travel, with eyes that look into people, culture and lifestyle before anything else. Here is a blogger who did just that.

  • Who: Ashwin Kumar
  • What: “Follow me into the Jungle”
  • Tangy: If you are looking to escape the madness around and experience nature at its best, then a forest trip might just be the right answer for you. After all, a natural location to unwind is the only way to feel your belonging to the true and the innermost self. The serene green views, calm climate and sounds of natural beings all over can put the tiredness to rest at its best.

  • WhoSubhodeep Mukhopadhyay
  • What: “HOW TO BE HAPPY”
  • Tangy: You might find this a cliche one. We all want to be and have our own to do lists to affirm that line. Even if this is not the case, you might argue that it is solely your personal business. But happiness is not. Here is Subhodeep taking us through a class of finding happiness in a true blue manner.

  • WhoMeera
  • What“Ready To Take A Look ?”
  • Tangy: Those ramblings of mind are too lovely and pleasant to let them just pass by. Especially if you are a thinker whose mind just refuses to keep quite. It is wondrous to see how beautifully these thoughts create a story. Imagination has no directions or boundaries. Meera just penned down her creative musings and it is a must read.

  • WhoSidhartha Sankar Rout
  • What: “Together – A Different Experience”
  • Tangy: Studying, earning, staying focused and happy is a task by a gem. Surely not an easy one, if one is also fighting the odds in the college management system. In all his attempts to stay responsible, he is faced with challenges. But then you are not alone. no one ever is. The supreme is always watching and there to cheer you up. Sidhartha shares his experience.

  • WhoVanessa Rowe
  • What“The Inheritance of A-aa-aaa—choooo!”
  • Tangy: Time plays its own stunts and we cannot do much about it. One such favorite gig of time is inheritance. While you might be getting images of all good things here, I am here referring to something not so good and not so bad but little cute and quirky. These are the habits we adopt to not just keep our forefathers alive but to also make them live within us.

  • WhoRanjini.S
  • What“The Monsters Under Her Bed”
  • Tangy: Not defining who the monsters were, a short way of saying how all dark areas can disappear when a right person or time enters in your life. A little write up that covers and talks about so many colors of life.

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