Winner Announcement: MaxLife Insurance #SachchiAdvice activity

No man is an island, and all of us need someone or the other at crucial points – someone who can guide us, give us good advice and help us in taking the right decisions. That was the theme of the MaxLife Insurance #SachchiAdvice activity at BlogAdda, and bloggers opened their hearts and memories to tell us their stories of #SachchiAdvice. Now it’s time to announce the winners for this activity!

Winner Announcement: #SachchiAdvice activity

Here are the people who have come out on top of the MaxLife Insurance #SachchiAdvice activity with their amazing blog posts. These blog posts win vouchers of Rs. 1,000 each!

  1. Kishore Kumar Muthu
  2. Archana Vaidyanathan
  3. Keyur Seta
  4. Shalini Digvijay
  5. Harshit Agrawal
  6. Sapna Bansal
  7. Ranjini.S
  8. Swarna Rao
  9. Ashwini Kumar
  10. Kriti Das

This activity proves that #SachchiAdvice not only gives you the right direction in life, but also wins you prizes. The first 75 valid entries will also get their assured vouchers worth Rs. 250 each soon! Congratulations to all the winners of the activity!   🙂


9 Replies to “Winner Announcement: MaxLife Insurance #SachchiAdvice activity”

  1. Very disappointed with BlogAdda. I wrote 2 entries and they gave voucher for just one. :/
    Though I got a mail that both my entries were valid.
    Will have to think twice next time, before submitting multiple entries for BlogAdda. :/

  2. @Aayesha,

    First 75 valid entries were going to get vouchers. Your second entry was not in the first 75 hence you did not get the voucher.

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