Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 20, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

It’s festival time in India and to put you in even more of a celebratory mood, we have Tangy Tuesdays! Check out all the highlights of INK2015 with our elaborate post! Then read the bloggers’ take on the recent scrapping of NJAC in Buzzing Blogosphere. And when you’re done, Tangy blogs will be waiting for you right here.

  • WhoAmruta
  • What“Nothing good about this ‘Good-bye’ – farewell to school life!”
  • Tangy: School life is a phase that one misses the most and one has the fondest memories of. While we’re in school, the schedules, exams, lessons and teachers all suffocate us but once we grow up we realize that those were truly the best days of our lives. Maybe we realize this during our school farewell, as it is a day of hope for the future and sadness for the world being left behind.

  • Who: Amit Prakash
  • What“एक जाम यारों के नाम”
  • Tangy: Friends are the gifts from life that we choose ourselves. They are treasures which no amount of money can match. Truly blessed are the ones who find real friends to share their life with. Most of the times we think that our friends know how much we love them and don’t make an effort to appreciate them. So join us in raising a toast to these gems with Amit.

  • WhoSoumya Prasad
  • What“Our Canvas”
  • Tangy:  When two hearts choose to take up a journey together, it is more than a mere decision. It is a commitment and a promise they make to each other for a lifetime. But time might alter it as it is way more powerful than us. Here is Saumya expressing a painful journey.

  • WhoVishal V Kale
  • What“Caste, And Reservations : An Examination”
  • Tangy: Caste, discrimination and reservation are a part of the reality of our country which cannot be wished away. While more and more people wish to be included in the reserved list, the Open category feel they are being taken advantage of without any fault of theirs. This deeply entrenched system is causing problems and dissent, so let’s take a step back and examine this phenomenon.

  • Who: Sony Kalaiah
  • What“I saw Pakistan”
  • Tangy: How many of us can say we saw a glimpse of our neighbouring country? This blogger visited Poonch for 10 days courtesy of her army man husband and chronicled her journey to the place which is at once heaven because of the scenery but hell because of the constant conflict. Read this post and you’ll definitely come out of it with a new found respect for our armed forces.

  • Who: MommysWall
  • What“How to Help your Unpopular Child Make Friends”
  • Tangy: Each child is a unique gift of nature. To capture this uniqueness and let it grow in abundance is a noble deed. However there are some children who lose their identities in the midst of the hustle and bustle. They become unpopular and this might affect their development in future. So here are some ways to make the unpopular child more interactive.

  • WhoArchana Srinivas
  • What“Fall {Seasonal Entertaining at home}”
  • Tangy: We always say we’re proud to be Indian (of course we are) but it is absolutely impossible for us to know and learn all the knowledge that has been gleaned by more than 5000 years of history. From food to festivals, there is an information overload about all aspects of life. Our scriptures say that there is a reason why certain fruits and vegetables are seasonal. Check out the benefits of this seasonal bounty.

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