INK 2015 – A confluence of great minds and stories


The third and last day started with a cheerful introduction by Raghava KK, the man behind INK Fellows. This was followed by Amanda North, a Boston marathon bombing survivor. Saving a victim life’s during the incident gave her the jolt needed to fulfil her dreams, which was to curate artisans around the world.

KP Mohanan encouraged the ‘questioning’ attitude, which he believes will bring out the best in everyone and change the status quo of religious dogma.

Srikanth Bolla gave everyone present a new vision when he shared his story of fighting against the education system who wanted to slot him as visually challenged and limit him. One mind blowing line from his talk – “Most of the people are born with the gift of sight, but few are born with the gift of vision.

Nishikant Deshmukh broke through medical jargon and spoke about his work on Ultrasound Elastrography and the potential it holds in medical care and diagnostics.

Benitha Perciyal took us on a visual journey with her sculptures, which are made with colours prepared by Benitha herself!

The young Sandya not only bowled over everyone with her violin playing, but also entertained us all with her story. She reminisced how she would play the violin in front of her dolls when she was 4 years old, and now the INK2015 attendees were her dolls! Sandya learned to play the violin through Skype classes, and her theory about the same was, “These days everyone’s finding boyfriends and husbands online, then why not violin teachers?

In the next session, Angad Singh kicked off with his explanation about how creativity can be measured as opposed to the myth of it being a vague random thing. Anshulika gave new hope to all these creative people by sharing the success story of Wishberry, India’s first crowdfunding platform. She announced that they would not rest until they put the first crowdfunded rover on the moon! Aim for the moon Anshulika!

Aparna Venkatesh and Catherine Mohr took the talks to a medical level, by talking about the advances in the genetic and robotic branches of medical science, which will enable us to look at treatment and prevention of diseases in a very different way.

What’s in it for corporates to do charity work other than goodwill? Samyak Chakrabarty of Social Quotient had the answer as he talked about how he convinces brands to invest large amounts in CSR activities which will benefit them too. Win-win!

Kirthiga Reddy of Facebook started off by thanking her kids who have introduced her to the world of LOL, TTYL, OMG and animated stickers as a medium of communication. This set the mood for a light hearted yet heartfelt talk that married sensitivity with hardcore digital advances.

After a closing talk by Lakshmi Pratury, Kanniks took over with Teach for India students and Drum Circle with Recycled Instruments & Djembes with Abhijit Jejurikar to pray for world peace, and then shatter the silence with some absolutely foot tapping, heart thumping music. We’re still in the hangover of the finale performance, and you had to be there to experience it!

So that was the end of the INK2015 carnival. It had medical talks, inspiring stories, performances, standing ovations, laughter and a touch of glamour too! We’ll be back with the best tweets and videos of INK2015 soon, so stay tuned!

And watch out for the next edition of INK in Goa next year!


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